Season of Lent

Easter Tomb

Every year since our little man was young we have made an Easter Tomb. I learned this little tradition from a family in our old church in NC. I always try to do it around Ash Wednesday so that the grass seed has plenty of time to sprout and obviously because it is the beginning of Lent.

We finished our tomb today and it is always so interesting that questions that are brought up. Today we had a conversation about why there were 3 crosses and why they chose that type of punishment for robbers.

All you need to make it is a large round pot for the base, a smaller pot for the tomb, a large rock, some dirt and grass seed. You can add flowers if you want too. Fill the large pot with dirt, place the smaller pot on it’s side and cover the opening with a large rock. Sprinkle grass seed around and use sticks to make the 3 crosses. I wake up early on Easter Sunday and remove the rock and lay a piece of white cloth inside to signify that “He has risen!”

On another note, I have really started to love the Easter season so much; more so than Christmas. It just lends itself as being such a reflective season and I love that. It is the one season that just moves my heart so much. We have changed our Easter traditions a little bit in the last few years and don’t do Easter baskets anymore. Last year, I gave little man some carefully chosen books for Easter and that will be our tradition from now on. I can deal with Santa, but something about the Easter bunny really rubs me the wrong way!

*UPDATE…Please share your tomb pictures if you end up making one this season!

I Love Martha



I helped throw a friend a baby shower this weekend and instead of doing a diaper cake, I decided to try my hand at this craft I had seen on Martha Stewart a few months ago. I ended up finding this cute little felt “pot” at Target in the dollar bins and tweaked the design a little and made it more my own. I really love how it turned out.

This is what is inside:

2 onesies

3 socks

2 bibs

1 baby hat

Feeling Ignorant


I’ve had two experiences in the last week that have made me feel so ignorant about politics. The first, obviously, was going to vote on Super Tuesday. As I stood there having to make choices about people to vote for, I realized that I didn’t really know any of them. Even though I had done a little research the night before, I was pretty clueless.  As I walked out explaining to my little guy what those people were doing out front with signs, I realized that I really need to be more up on what is going on…especially during this year as we vote for a president.

The second was listening to a lady yesterday at a baby shower go on about things that are going before Congress. She was so informed and passionate about her cause and wanted so badly to get the message out. While I think she is a little extreme in her fears, I also was a little jealous that she was so informed.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people; informed and knowledgeable. Not just about politics, but even about my faith. I’ve always been so stumped when people ask me certain questions about why I go to church where I do, or why I believe in Jesus. I just get so tongue tied and feel so ignorant.

A Fantastic Read

I picked up this book at the library last week just out of curiosity. I picked it up last night to browse through it and I haven’t been able to put it down since. It is just a great book about things that you would think people would realize…kid’s need boundaries and kid’s ultimately need to be told “no.” I have some quotes from it that I will post later. For now, click on the book to read about it.

What An Amazing Day!

It is near 70 degrees here today, the baby is finally almost well again and we were able to spend some time at our favorite park today. I was able to enjoy a cup of tea, read a little, nap a little and even craft a little and the kids are still sleeping! The Lord knew I needed a day like today; filled with all my favorite things. Now if only I could figure out what to make for dinner!


I finally finished the peg dolls for the apron. Here they are in all their glory and in their new home! I hope our little cousin enjoys them. Check out the flickr set for more close-ups.