Play With Your Food

I mentioned before that the gift theme of Little Chick’s birthday is stuff for her play kitchen. I’ve been working on this felt food in my head for months. I finally got it done last week and my best friend extraordinaire created these AMAZING labels for the food tins. So awesome! I’m extremely excited about how they turned out (now if only the baby would take a nap…we are on day 3 of no nap)

felt eggs

felt peas

felt bow tie pasta

felt ravioli

felt goldfish

oh, and please excuse the dust and smudges on the train table. Dusting is #38 on my list of things to do before the big party.

Building a Birthday Party: Part 1

Little Chick’s second birthday is on Wednesday and sadly being the second child (and having a birthday one week before Christmas) has truly shown through on the birthday party plans. She loves Sesame Street, so we decided to do that as our theme. I’ve been cramming all these plans in the past few days.

I was really excited about the treat bags mainly because they have come out exactly as I had pictured in my head. Here’s how they went:

Get some cute colored tote bags:

bday bags

Fill them with cookies from Cookie Monster,

bday cookies

crayons from Elmo,

bday crayons

bubbles from Ernie,

bday bubbles

gummy worms from Oscar,

bday worms

goldfish from Dorothy,

bday fish

and a coloring sheet with the letter and number of the day.

bday coloring sheet

Put them all together and you have 8 treat bags for some cute little friends!

I will admit that 90% of these ideas came from different sites all over the web…I’m not that creative! And the thing about eating worms from Oscar and goldfish from Dorothy is kind of weird to me (I mean you are eating Oscar and Elmo’s best friends basically!) oh well! 🙂

Here’s a picture of little chick’s birthday crown too. The pattern is from The Creative Family by Amanda Soule. I LOVE it! Hope she does too!


PSF: Trees

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I mentioned earlier this week that when I went on my little walk on Saturday, I went a little crazy with the camera and trees. I don’t know if it was because there was really nothing else to take pictures of (it is the dead of winter!) or if it was because of the crazy trees I saw while I was up there.

I’ve already posted about this crazy tree vine thing shaped like a heart:

heart tree

And look at these trees all entwined together. It reminds me of the ending of Prince Caspian (oh how I LOVE that movie!) and Aslan speaks or blows or something and the trees unwind and show the passage back out of Narnia.

knit together

Then I saw this one. It has always amazed me how trees can just grow in the oddest ways…always straining and seeking to find some bit of sunlight.

bending toward the sun

Last I was enamored with this tree. Maybe it was the moss? Maybe it was the way it looked as if it had toes just reaching out into the ground? I don’t know, but I liked it.

mossy tree

mossy tree feet

Christmas Village Completed

Here is the eagerly anticipated village all put together. Honestly, I’m not crazy about how the painted houses turned out, but when they are surrounded by snow and the other houses they look pretty good. I figure that it’s better for me to leave them alone and fiddle more with them next year, than to keep messing with them now and really screw them up. Paint is not my craft item of choice at all!

The whole village:

Close up:

Side view of the white house:

The little red house:

All together this cost me about $25-30. The snow was left over from my mom’s stash so that was free 🙂 Don’t ask how many hours I have in it though! I won’t tell!

Christmas Embroidery

The retreat I went on this past weekend was full of highs and lows, but one of the highs was getting these two projects done. I’ve been trying to do a few Christmas things to have at the boutique and I think these are the last 2 that are going to get completed. (I’ve got too many gifts on my plate yet to make!). I love how they both turned out.

santa onesie

This is a long sleeve onesie with Mr. Ho Ho Ho on it (as little chick calls him).

candy cane bloomers

And these are some sweet little bloomers.

And if you are curious, they are laying on some more of Amy Karol’s clutches that I made yesterday for Little Rooster’s teachers and some lucky family members.