PSF: Success in the Kitchen aka English Muffins

By on November 20, 2008

english muffins1

When I was in college I lost my head for a semester and thought I would major in Hotel and Restuarant (isn’t that one of those mail order diplomas? was the joke I often got). During that semester I did take a cooking class that was probably the hardest class I ever took (and I took Medieval Philosophy if that tells you anything). We made lots of different things, but the one thing that always stuck out in my mind were the English Muffins we made…they were heavenly.

english muffins1

I printed off this recipe many, many months ago and have had it set out for me to tackle for about that long. I finally did it yesterday. They are amazing! Even warranted a note from the hubby on the coffee pot about how good they are!

english muffins1

But, they were time intensive and not something I would want to get into the habit of making weekly. When I was looking back for the recipe online, I did come across this one that uses your bread machine to knead the dough. I think I might be trying this one next time.

Until then, we will be living it up for breakfast!

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journal | spirituality

What I’m Reading

By on November 19, 2008


The Bible study that I was insanly in charge of leading is now over. I’ve been reading this book off and on this fall, but now I can really focus on it. I’m continually amazed at the Lord’s timing. How you can read something off and on, or put something off only to pick it up again and it be the most perfect time.

Many, many months ago I felt as if I was at a crossroads in my life. I felt like God was leading me to something, boy has He ever. But now, it’s as if He is dealing with my heart. I’ve never in my Christian walk ever felt the Lord tugging, pulling, pushing, healing and crying out for my heart than He has lately. So many issues in my life are surfacing and so many things are just edging at the corners of my heart and life…calling me into a deeper communion with Him, with my husband, children and those people that He has put into my life. This book has been so integral in this journey. This calling me to wake my heart to the glory of our sweet Jesus and what life with Him and life with Him truly IN us is all about.

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What I’m Listening To

By on November 18, 2008

I’m one of those people who just cannot handle Christmas anything until after Thanksgiving…until this year. I don’t know what it is, maybe because the baby is older and more aware, maybe because of just where my heart is wandering in this great story, but I am longing for Christmas more than I ever have.

I got this cd last year for Christmas and really didn’t listen to it much, but the kids and I were playing last night and were listening to it and oh how I love it. Haunting and beautiful.

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PSF: I Never…

By on November 14, 2008


I never knew that mothering full time would be so fulfilling, but so draining at the same time.


I never knew that loving someone could be so easy, but so hard at the same time.


I never knew that staying at home could give me so much time and freedom, but so little time and freedom.


I never knew that I could laugh and smile so much.


I never knew that I could give up so much, and yet regret is so little.


I never knew that I could glimpse God so much in the face of my little children and be reminded daily of His awesome love for me through them.

(Thanks to my friend Liz for all these awesome pictures. They were taken at a yearly bonfire that our church has on All Saints Sunday)

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Crossing Off the List

By on November 13, 2008

Jennie B. at Homeberries asked me to stitch one of her latest Christmas designs. I just finished it up this afternoon and made a wall hanging. The design was tons of fun to stitch and I can’t wait to work on the other one she sent me. Glad to have one more thing crossed off my to-do list!

Here is the full picture:
baby's christmas wall hanging FRONT

Here is a close-up of the stitching. I tried some different stitches on the words and LOVE how they turned out:
baby's christmas wall hanging CLOSEUP

Here is the back:
baby's christmas wall hanging BACK

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