Big and Little

By on December 10, 2008

big and little apron

I’ve been steadily working the last few days on these aprons for some special people in my life.

little apron

The little one is for my Little Chick who is turning TWO in one week!! (wow!). We are doing a Sesame Street party (her fav) but the theme of all her gifts from us are for her little play kitchen. I’m hoping to have enough time to make her a little matching potholder too.

big apron

The big apron is for a special lady in my life for Christmas. She’s been begging for a new apron, so I decided to give her one for Christmas. Hope she likes it! Eat your heart out June Cleaver!

The pattern is Simplicity 4692 and while it wasn’t very hard to sew, if I have to look at bias tape anymore in the next day I think I will scream! 🙂

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Reflections on Loneliness

By on December 9, 2008

lonely path

One of the biggest lessons I learned this weekend was to be careful of what you pray for and/or think is best for you. I’ve never been met with such an answered prayer as I was at this retreat.

I heard about this retreat months ago, deep in the midst of a really hard emotional and anxiety strewn time.  I jumped at the chance to get away, in the woods, with people I didn’t know and didn’t know me and with the intention to spend some time processing what the Lord had been throwing at my heart.

During these months leading up to the retreat I so often complained to the Lord (and others) that I just wanted to be anonymous. I was tired of people knowing me, expecting things of me and me having to live up to this standard that I had set for myself. So often, I longed to leave so many responsibilities in my life: my church, Bible study, this town I live in. I wanted to be at a place that was so large that no one would know me or expect anything of me. I wanted to be unknown.  It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t follow through, if I made a mistake, if I made someone mad or if I didn’t do something perfectly, because no one would know.

Well, this weekend the Lord answered that prayer. I walked into probably the hardest and most lonely 24 hours I’ve ever spent. I truly was anonymous. No one had any expectations of me. No one knew me or my story or seemed to want to know. I really think that was all of the Lord. He wanted me to experience what it was that I thought was going to be best for me. What an amazing gift.

I ended up leaving late Saturday night mainly because a way opened up for me to leave. I sat in this room full of 38 other women and have never felt so alone.  I was crying out to the Lord from the moment I arrived for a way to get me home. By Saturday night, I had gotten to the point that I understood what the Lord was trying to teach me and I had truly reached that point where I couldn’t handle it anymore. And as He promises to never give us more than we can handle, He sweetly provided a way for me to get home.

What has been so precious for me in the 24+ hours that I’ve been home, is the overabounding love I have for my husband, my children, my home, my church and those people in my life who do KNOW me.

It is so good to be known.

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Reflections: God’s Heart

By on December 8, 2008

*this is the beginning of a series of reflections from a retreat that I went on this past Friday and Saturday.*

I went for a walk on Saturday on this trail that was right outside our lodge. I had no idea where I was going or where the trail led, if anywhere. I’m not really a huge photographer, but I made myself bring the camera and if I saw something that seemed interesting to me, I took a picture. I ended up being really captivated by trees. (I’ll share more of those pictures later).

But the most amazing thing happened to me on this little walk. I went down the path a little ways and came to a fork. Something in me was stirring me to take the right fork. But I looked at it and thought, that goes up hill and who knows how far and I just don’t feel safe going that way. So I kept on going straight. I went on a little further and came to a real trail head. At this point I thought, I really can’t start climbing up a trail to somewhere I really don’t know where it goes. So I turned around and came back to that original fork. I started up that hill and as soon as I breached the top I saw this:

heart tree

The whole thing reminded me so much of what the Lord was teaching me this whole weekend. I so often look at the direction that He wants me to go and say “no way!”, “that hill is too big and I don’t know where it leads” or “I’m scared of going that way”. Yet when I do go down the path that the Lord is leading, it leads me straight to His heart. Often not without a climb and not without fear and not without my sinful heart saying “no”, but always with blessing along the way.

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Princess Capes

By on November 30, 2008

Princess capes

A friend commissioned me to make a princess cape for a Christmas gift. I ended up having enough to do one for her and one for the boutique.

princess cape jewel close up

Instead of a snap or velcro like I had done in the past, I decided to get some jeweled buttons and add those to close the neck…to add that little glitz every princess must have.

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embroidery | sewing

Christmas Project #1

By on November 27, 2008

coffee cupholders

This is the first of two projects for friends that I’ve gotten completed this week. They are cupholders for your coffee cup. The tutorial is here and it is a great, easy project that what really fun to create and customize. I ended up using some of my very special wool felt to embroider some words on to add to the front. I think it really added that last little spark. I had to take a special trip to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee to have a cupholder to use as the pattern (so sad!) and washed it out to keep it so I could take this great picture to show you these “in action” but my sweet hubbie thought it was just trash and tossed it…crazy man.

Can’t wait to pass them on!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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