At some point in the next few months there is going to be at least $50 set aside to purchase these books… (click on the book for links to the etsy shop and more photos of what’s inside)

For me:


and for my little chick:



I’ve never run across this seller on etsy before, but I’ve hit the motherload of Japanese craft books! I could spend hours and hours dreaming (and drooling!)

Another Etsy Order

pencil roll closed

Etsy has been a strange bird for me. I’ve kept some stuff in my shop, sometimes more than others, but have never really gotten any hits off of it. Except for custom orders. Twice now, someone has contacted me off of etsy, liked what they’ve seen and requested a special order. That has been kind of fun! Made me want to keep at least some of my stuff out there!

pencil roll inside

Here is the latest. I had a girl ask me to make her a pencil roll with room for 18 pencils and pockets for an eraser and a pencil sharpener out of this sock monkey fabric. Here’s the results! Hope she likes it.

pencil roll close up of pockets

A Good Read: Winter in Madrid

imagedbI promised months and months ago to start keeping a book log on here and it totally didn’t happen. Maybe I’ll have better luck this year! I’ve been taking a bit of an embroidery hiatus and started trying to do some reading again. I picked up this book at the library just based on the cover and title really. I read a bit of the inside flap and being a historical fiction buff, I thought I would give it a try.

It honestly took me about the first 40-50 pages to really get into it, but after that I seriously could not put it down. It is set in Spain during the early years of World War II and after the Spanish Civil War. It is basically the story of how 4 lives are just intertwined, irregardless of their political beliefs. A little bit suspense, little history and little love story all in one. It is a pretty big book though at 300 some pages. I really loved it. It was smart and really refreshing and I truly learned a lot about Spain too!

Saving Handmade


I can’t say that I’m really on the up and up with this yet, but I’ve been reading it on the blogs for a while now.  Amy Karol at Angry Chicken has a great explanation of what’s going on with all the toy regs and also some links to help sign petitions and send letters to congressmen and senators. I’ve never actually done anything like that until today.

Something about putting regulations on the whole handmade generation that is coming up just hits me totally the wrong way. There are so many awesome crafters out there, moms and dads who are contributing to the rise of better, quality toys, that it seems so incredibly wrong to punish them because of all the crap that comes from China.

Check it out and do your part if you feel so inclined!

My First Tutorial: A Leapster Bag

Finished Bag closed

Finished inside/Leapster

Finished inside/game pockets

My little Rooster got a Leapster for Christmas and my first project this new year was to create a bag for him to carry it in, along with all the games. I got the crazy idea I would make a tutorial to go along with it. I think I got in a bit over my head and honestly don’t know if this will make sense to anyone, but here goes!

Here is the link to my flickr set with directions.