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Sewing rainbows. 101 class spring 2015

Sewing 101

Sewing 101 is a class for the student who has never picked up a needle and thread, worked on a sewing machine or is still at the beginning stages of learning. In this 4 class series, we start out by learning the basics of threading a needle and sewing 2 basic hand stitches. How to cut out and construct with a pattern is a key component of this class series. We end the series with a basic introduction of how a sewing machine works. Each student comes home with a complete sewing kit and a myriad of self-created projects – including one made with a speed-controlled sewing machine!
Class Times Offered:
Fall 2016

sewing class - 201 making banners

Sewing 201

Sewing 201 is a class for the student who has a basic knowledge of hand stitching and has some experience with a sewing machine. In this 4 class series, the students are given more freedom and independence in sewing as we work on a hand sewing AND a machine sewing project in each class. Basic sewing machine skills, such as stitching straight lines and pivoting around corners are practiced in nearly every class.
Class Times Offered:
Fall 2016

201 class

Advanced 201

Advanced 201 is a 4 class series where we build upon the skills learned in the first two levels. This is a class for the student who has a good grasp of basic hand sewing and pattern construction and also experience using a sewing machine. Students are given direction and patterns for projects, but greater independence and choice is given to them. They are provided hand sewing and machine sewing projects to choose from. More advanced machine sewing skills are practiced including: sewing around curves, sewing dimensional projects and sewing projects with multiple pattern pieces.
Class Times Offered:
coming February 2016

Preschool sew a story at the local library

Preschool Sew a Story

Sewing isn’t just for “big” girls and boys – even the smallest can work on the pre-cursery skills needed to become a master sewer! Mixing literature and basic sewing skills, a group of children’s books are read and followed up with a simple pre-sewing activity.
Class Times Offered:
sometime in 2016

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