hello there {thursday threads} and a give away!

thursday threads

It feels like years since I did a thursday threads post! I’ve been swamped for the past month or so with some crazy big orders and this week I’ve had the chance to catch my breath. As my friend said, it’s “feast or famine” over here. And honestly as grateful as I am for the way that my little etsy shop is contributing to our family (and my ability to stay home) it sure is nice to have a little breather!

I’ve got a few things on my table and on my needle starting this week. A couple things for the shop, a fundraising sort of holiday sale I’m going to participate in and some holiday gifts for family.

First up is a new adoption embroidery that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I saw this quote on Pinterest a loooooong time ago and have loved it ever since. This is a gender neutral version that could hopefully hang in a nursery for either a boy or girl or even just in your home. Can’t wait to share the finished project!


Second up are these felt gingerbread houses. The pattern comes from umecraft shop on etsy (she is generous enough to allow you to make and sell items from her patterns!) and it’s totally a stretch for me but something I’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time. I’m hoping if these gingerbread houses are a success, I can modify the pattern and make some little storybook houses with peg doll characters next year. The that I love about these is that they are reusable. I know that decorating a real, food gingerbread house is fun, but it drives me crazy to spend all that money on food and let it sit there for weeks and then throw it away! This way you get the fun year after year and it’s good for all ages!


children's embroidery kit: pinks

Another new item I was able to finish this week are these sewing/hand embroidery kits for young children. I’ve had the idea for these stored up in my head for a while and I’m still tinkering with the results, but after a test run with my 5 year old they are ready to go! It is such a joy to see something that I’ve dreamed up in my head come to life. I’m super proud of these and I am so excited to share them that I’m offering a give away of one set. Just leave a comment by Friday, November 9 at midnight and I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner on Saturday.


Camera WIP

Last up is this camera embroidery for my brother. It’s time to start stitching holiday gifts and this is the first in line! The pattern is from Urban Threads. I’m planning on doing the whole thing in black, but changing up the types of thread (linen, cotton and cotton pearl) and stitch thickness (aka 1 v. 3 strands).

That’s about it! Whew!
Don’t forget about the give away!!!

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thursday threads

thursday threads

I’ve got so many projects under way and honestly all of them are half complete! So, instead of showing you half done projects, I thought I would take today’s thursday threads and highlight some neat embroidery/hand sewing finds from around the web.

First off is this awesome play apron that was highlighted on feeling stitchy this week. The pattern is from a Needlework magazine from the early 1900s and was converted by Lia.  This looks like a super fun sewing project that would be perfect for those fat quarters you have lying around and would make such a cute holiday gift for a little friend in your life.

I highlighted this kit offered by Purl Soho in last week’s Fantastic Friday post, but I had to share it again. It is the perfect embroidery kit that involves so many things I love: applique, sewing with felt and simple embroidery stitches.  I’m always a sucker for trees too.

I’m working about 2 months behind where I wanted to be on planning for holiday items for the shop so I’m trying to keep it simple. One thing in my sketchbook is a large banner with this tree in the middle stitched onto linen. I’m thinking of hand embroidering the swirls and using some vintage buttons for the ornaments.
The other holiday item up my sleeves is an advent calendar set. I’m hoping to make 25 little felt envelopes with the numbers hand appliqued onto the envelopes all put together with some red/white bakers twine and little clothespins to hang it with. Here’s hoping this idea makes it out of my head!

What’s embroidery patterns or sets have caught your eye this week?

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thursday threads {adoption fundraising}

Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I totally blanked on Thursday Threads last week. Sorry about that!

This week I wanted to highlight something that is dear to my heart. I am surrounded by a whole host of sweet friends who have adopted or are in the process. Adoption is crazy expensive and there are many different takes on how to raise money to adopt. While some of my friends have saved and saved for it, others have sought to raise support via different means. That’s where I come in. I’ve been honored to have been a small part of a few stories of those raising funds to adopt and every time it’s truly been such a joy.

25 little charms all in a row

What are all those tiny envelopes you might ask? Inside each package is an original daisyeyes handmade Africa pendant.

africa charms packaging

Each pendant is hand embroidered by me and includes a tiny felt heart placed on the spot you desire. Then each package is cut out and sewn up and ready for you to resell at the price you desire. All I charge is cost + labor and offer free shipping!!

africa charms packaging

I recently had a client who ordered 50 pendants to help raise funds for their adoption of a little girl from Ethiopia. Recently I followed up with her to see how things were going and she happily reported that they raised enough money for airfare! I was ecstatic!

I’m beyond blessed to have played a small part in their story to bring this little girl home!

Interested in finding out more? You can find these sets for sale in my etsy shop or feel free to email me with any questions!

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thursday threads {august stitch along}

thursday threads

Welcome back to Thursday Threads! I try to dedicate Thursdays to showing off either an embroidery project of mine and/or other stitching goodness from around the web. This week I’m so excited to share my latest stitch along.

If you haven’t visited the blog feeling stitchy and you embroider (or aspire to) it’s an awesome resource. They have a great community on flickr and I’m always amazed at the creations I see added in the group every day. Once a month they host a stitch-a-long. A free pattern is always offered (and boy do they vary!) and then you stitch it any old way your heart desires.

august stitch along 2012: the sisters

This month was a pattern by Cate Anevski and it was super cute. What was most amazing were all the different ways people stitched this one cute girl. One of my most favorite people is getting ready to move her girls into the same bedroom, so I decided to make some special embroideries for the occasion.

august stitch along sister #1

I decided to try some applique and she provided some scraps from their coordinating bed quilts.

august stitch along sister#2

I experimented a little with some different stitches and also combining floss colors to try and get their hair color. One is more of a red head and the other a blondie. The hoops are wrapped with some of those quilt scraps and measure about 8 inches. Not making this a great hang alone sort of hoop, but hopefully a great addition to some sort of wall collage in their new space.

This is a super fun pattern to stitch and easily lends itself to so many different variations. Why don’t you head over here and get your free pattern and get stitching yourself!?

And for fun…look at this awesome stitched door? Wouldn’t that be so cool to have?



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thursday threads

Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I totally baled last week on thursday threads and honestly the next 6-8 weeks around here are going to be a bit challenging and spotty. My kiddos are starting up school again (our system goes year round) and I’m having some health things going on in a few weeks. Sooo, please bear with me! Hopefully after Labor Day it will be back to regular programming around here.

That said, here are a few new things I’ve done and some progress on some others.

I’ve been late in posting about these pennant banners. I was hoping to get a whole post up (maybe soon!) with all the versions that I’m working on but that hasn’t happened. Here’s the two versions that are up now:

a superhero custom name banner.
These are fully customizable and even the embroidery can be changed to a different one if desired. Just ask!

custom pennant name banners: superhero style (hand embroidered)

and a superhero happy birthday banner


I also completed another “tree of life” necklace for a client and I’m super excited how it turned out. I love doing these tiny embroideries!

tree of life embroidered pendant

Here’s a glimpse at a wedding cake topper I was able to embroider for a client

embroidered cake topper

and I also embroidered the date on the inside of her dress

embroidered wedding dress

and here is the latest progress on my 1 Corinthians embroidery. Slow and steady wins the race!

Love embroidery WIP

What projects are you working on right now?

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