the year in review {2014}

The end of 2014 brings me to the end of my third year of selling on etsy “full-time.” The close of every year has had me looking back and realizing the amazing amount that I learned when it comes to running a small business and the amount of amazing experiences I had. This year has been no different, but I do feel like this year has been one of major decisions. I learned (and accepted) what things I love to make, what things I loathe to make and how to balance making for a profit and making just out of the joy of making. I learned what sort of stitcher I am and want to be and I feel like I’m walking into 2015 with a better plan for where I want my talents and energy to be focused.

This year was the year my custom orders multiplied and while I feel like I did a fair amount of new designs, I didn’t do nearly the amount that I desire. I love custom orders more than anything and I stitched more words and designed more large typography embroideries than I could have ever imagined. I had a better plan for the holidays this year and I’m excited to walk into the next holiday season having a clearer picture of where I need my focus to be. I stitched lots of shoes and have fallen in love with it and I’m excited for that to continue in 2015. While I learned I am not a large lot stitcher (as in, I don’t desire to stitch the same design over and over and over again), I did stitch a few designs multiple times and my Coldplay hoop and Sara Williams hoop continue to be big sellers and hopefully they will become patterns and kits in the new year.

Thanks to all for making 2014 an amazing year. I’m grateful for those that requested custom embroideries. I’m grateful for my family and friends that continue to encourage me with this pursuit and I’m grateful just for the opportunity.

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more looking back

Looking back through the archives again is so thrilling and fun. I remember all the things I was making when I started this little adventure into sewing and business making.



This post reminded me of how much I love these bibs and it has been forever since I made any of them. I remember there was one with a lion that was probably one of my favorite things ever I have stitched. Then these nursery rhyme themed t-shirts were fun too!


Then there was the time that I was mentioned on Sew Mama Sew’s blog for this awesome outfit by Children’s Corner. Funny, I don’t even remember this!


Here was my first try at writing a tutorial for a Leapster Bag that I designed. It had some major flaws (math is not my strong suit) but served both my children well for the years since.

One of my most popular posts has been our Easter Tomb tradition. I have to admit that as my children have grown older, we aren’t so effective at really taking the time and effort to do this. We did do it this year, but our sweet tomb was lacking in the key element of the Crosses. But it was still a great tradition and reminder of traditions that we have in our family.

And then I started the huge quilt project. I’m walking through the archives of the years 2008-09 and in 2009, I started to make a quilt for my daughter’s room. It’s still held together and I hope it’s something that she’ll take off to college with her.


And this is by far one of my most favorite things I’ve sewn ever.

That’s about all the looking back time I’ve got for today. I’m doing my first vendor experience at the local farmer’s market in less than 2 weeks so I have to get busy…like seriously nose to the grindstone busy.

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