Organizing: Calendar time


Once a year I start getting all intense about a deciding on a new calendar. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a Moleskin calendar that I really loved. It was lightweight, just the right size and thickness – but the downside was that it was only monthly. There were notes pages set between each month, but as my life got busier and busier just having one little box to write in wasn’t cutting it. So last year I decided to try out a Plum Paper calendar. I really loved it at first, but as the year went on I really missed my lightweight Moleskin. The Plum Paper was just too bulky and it had too much going on in it. I realized that if i was going to have to go back to a Moleskin, I was going to have to come up with some sort of daily or weekly calendar to add to it.

I searched everywhere I could think of for some sort of weekly paper pad and couldn’t find one that I liked. While searching, I stumbled upon this tutorial for how to make your own notepad and my calendar issues were solved!


I purchased this weekly calendar template from Easy Peasy Paper and had it printed at a local copy shop. I went ahead and printed 52 for all the weeks, but decided to only use about half the stack at a time for my planner pad.


I pretty much followed the directions from the tutorial to a tee and so far it’s turned out perfect.


I probably did more layers of glue than necessary and like she mentions in the tutorial, you definitely need to splurge and use the e6000. I found these little clamps at Home Depot for 99 cents each and I used a couple of sheets of cardboard to hold the pages in place. The whole project took a day or so – and most of that was just waiting for the glue to dry.


I love how it turned out and it solved my calendar crisis by giving me back my Moleskin that I love.


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what i’m into {april 2014}

April was a birthday month for me and I started off the month with being surprised out of my mind by a birthday party masterminded by my sweet husband. He pretty much had it all under wraps until about the last 20 minutes. I was overwhelmed by all my amazingly sweet friends who came out on a Sunday night with all their family in tow. It was awesome. We celebrated on the actual day by having a quiet dinner at a local BBQ joint and my momma’s famous Johnny Appleseed Pie. Yum.


We closed the month of April by celebrating with a friend of ours and surprising him at his James Bond themed surprise party. My husband is always one to dress up and be a little foolish, but I’m just too straight laced for that. This time, I wanted to do it and while it wasn’t an over the top costume, it was a little out of character for me so I was happy to have stepped out a little and woo my inner Bond girl.



We finally watched Frozen this past weekend. I had heard so much about it and my kids quote and sing it all the time, so it was high time we finally watched it. I did really like it and loved what everyone else did…that it wasn’t the Prince’s kiss that saved the day but an act of selfless love.

We also watched American Hustle and while I did like it, I was almost too sleepy to watch it. By the time all the big reveal was happening at the end of the movie I was propping my eyelids with toothpicks so I really need to watch it again to give it a true review. The acting was pretty darn superb though I must say.

On T.V. I’m not really watching much of anything.  We love The Voice in our house up until about this point and then I get bored with it. Parenthood is over for the season and I think my two Chicago shows will finish up this week. I did watch PBS version of Great Expectations via netflix earlier this month and loved it more than I did the first go round. I read the book not long after this was on PBS and it was good to watch the film version again too. Such a great story of redemption. I’m completely sucked into binge watching House on netflix. I’ve waiting forever for netflix to pick it up and I’ve been watching it like crazy while I sew during the day. Love, love that show.



I sort of dropped the ball on the Habit book and L’Engle’s Circle of Quiet book. I decided these are books that I honestly just need to buy so I can read them slowly and savor them without the stress of a library due date. I’m hoping I’ll luck out and find at least one of them the next time I hit up our local used bookstore.

After dropping the non-fiction books, I was desperate for a good fiction read. I picked up Anna Quindlen’s Still Life with Breadcrumbs and it was absolutely what I was needing. It is just a simple and sweet story about Rebecca Winter and honestly just about the kind of self-discovery everyone tends to go through as they age and change.


I had grabbed a stack of books from my mom’s house one day and the first one on the stack was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and it was so good. I had heard that Angelina Jolie was in the process of making a movie based on this book and that is really the reason why I picked it up. Hillenbrand is an excellent biographer in that you really don’t feel like you are reading just a biography. Granted, Louis’ life is pretty much beyond amazing.  I’m offering this up to my husband next and we are pondering having this be our  nearly 11 year old son’s big summer read. I did hear that they were releasing a juvenile level version of this book on Veteran’s day, but I’m not sure what that means. If it just the story condensed a little or if it’s more like a picture book. My son is at that age where war is just fascinating and honestly this is a great story, not too graphic, about the non-fairy-tale picture that war seems to create in the minds of boys.

I have just started the book Spiritual Rhythm by Mark Buchanan and even one chapter in, I am loving it.


in other news…

I do a fair amount of sewing during my workday that can be pretty mindless. I end up binge watching too much netflix and other shows and by the end of the day my mind just feels numb. Because of that I decided to start trying to find some podcasts to listen to throughout my day.

The first one I listened to was an interview with Susan Wise Bauer. If there is anyone who has influenced my opinion on schooling, it is her. She is someone that speaks of schooling options in such a way that it’s not a hill she is going to die on. She really seeks to do what is best for her children and their family and not choosing because it’s what everyone else says she should or else…

I also tried to listen to the relevant podcast which eventually led to an interview with Bob Goff. His book, Love Does, is on my to read list and I’ve heard so much about him lately I was curious to listen to him speak. It was a hard podcast to listen to just because it’s very radio personality goofiness going on that I just didn’t expect. I love relevant though and so I’m sure I’ll give it another try.


That was about it for April. May tends to be one of those months it’s head down and get through it with the end of school and gearing up for summer break. So here’s to a month where I actually stop and smell the roses.


Linking up with Leigh Kramer…

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what I’m into {october 2013 edition}

So, since I’ve become incredibly non-existent on the blog as of late, I’ve decided to at least hold myself accountable to one post a month…that is the “what I’m into…” link along series. I discovered it via the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog (which I previously shared and love) and link up with Leigh Kramer who hosts the series.

October has been a crazy month for me. I’ve been covered over with etsy orders; which has been amazing, encouraging and overwhelming. I prepped for one big market in October (another mini-bust) and am prepping now for 2 upcoming holiday markets. We counted the weekends that we had nothing this month and there wasn’t any. Then we counted the weekends in November we had nothing and we don’t stop until Thanksgiving. Whew! I need a vacation!

What I’m Reading…

I flew through a few books this month. Guess that was how I alleviated the stress! I started out the month flying through House of Tides, puttered through Bel Canto, was completely enamored with The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and now I’m working my way through an Anne Perry mystery novel. I’ve loved her books for years, but this one is taking some time to get into. In the non-fiction world, I started reading Nurture by Nature, finished reading The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan and finally started reading The King’s Cross by Tim Keller.

What I’m Watching…

Fall TV is back in full swing and it’s made up for all the long hours I’ve been in front of my sewing machine or with my hoop. I’m still in love with Parenthood, although this season has seemed to lack a little bit compared to years past. Chicago Fire was one of my favorites last season, but this season has had some things in it that have frustrated me a little bit. I’m trying to love the Michael J Fox show…but I’m not sure I do. I’m caught up on The Paradise from PBS Masterpiece and in the afternoons I’ve been rewatching Little Dorrit from PBS back in 2008. By far the most disturbing thing I’ve watched was The Bletchley Circle. Whew, that one freaked me out a little bit and I watched it in the middle of the day!

In my kitchen…

I’ve pulled a bunch of recipes this off pinterest this month and all of my crock pot ones have been failures. Something about chicken in the crock pot all day does not make this family want to eat supper.  I did try another bread recipe, King Arthur’s Whole Wheat Oatmeal Honey bread. It made super great toast, but not so great sandwich bread. Back to square one. The newest thing in my kitchen is this..

20131030-201019.jpga sweet industrial cart kitchen island! We found it at the Nashville Flea Market. Best find ever!


random fun moments…


The highlight of our month was chasing butterflies up in the mountains. I yanked the kiddos out of school and we journeyed up to the mountains and ran after butterflies hoping to snag a monarch. We do lots of volunteer work with the Tremont Institute in the Smoky Mountains and they are part of the North American monarch project.  Basically as the monarchs migrate down to Mexico they are allowed to catch them and tag them. We caught one this year and got to see it tagged. Super cool! It was an amazing day!

on my hoop…

My hoop has been super busy this month. I’ve done more embroideries than I can even remember and I’m still going. A few highlights…

another chanel embroidery with a vintage button necklace



a new “blessing” embroidery for a repeat client…always makes a girl feel good!


How was your October?

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fantastic friday {2.15.13}



Happy Friday everyone! Valentine’s Day has come and gone and our Valentine’s gift was the stomach bug. We’ve all weathered it in different ways and sadly it effected the husband the worst. I’m really thinking that a sick husband is worse than a sick child! Anyhow, hopefully we are all on the mend and can have our make up special heart day breakfast and dinner sometime this weekend. That said, it’s time to start thinking spring and Easter!

great FABRIC: I recently discovered a new fabric shop on etsy called Westwood Acres. I just love the fabric sets she puts together!

to whet your APPETITE: We love potatoes in this house and we also love nachos…this recipe for baked potato nachos seems a perfect fit!

be NEAT (as in organized): Came across this lovely craft room/sewing room on Pinterest as I’m collecting ideas on my future new studio space in the year to come.

a TUTORIAL to do: With Easter coming in a few weeks, I thought I would focus on Easter Basket tutorials: this is what our baskets look like…an easter bunny basket. It was super easy and so fun!

becoming more AWARE: Ash Wednesday was this week and the start of Lent. Ann Voskamp has a lovely family Lent guide with pictures of the life of Jesus from different artists. This is on our list this year.

something to SEW: Sew Liberated just revealed their newest patterns and oh! how I swoon over these! I really love all of them!

to TRIM my house with: We will make our Easter tomb this weekend and set up our seeds of kindness on the table. Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks for more details as we continue and add to these family traditions.

ILLUSTRATION to stitch: One of my goals this year is the make an embroidered version of one of these thumbprint trees. This is another example of a printed one I found this week.

CUTE: This tutorial for these little nesting dolls is super cute!

Have a happy weekend!!!

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14 days of love {fantastic friday edition}


It’s Friday and time for a recap of some great finds around the web. This time a Valentine’s version. This is your last weekend before the 14th and we will be busily working on our class valentine cards. Here are some other ideas…

great FABRIC: Riley Blake has a super cute line of chevron and dots that would make some awesome treat bags.

to whet your APPETITE: Here’s a super easy Valentine snack mix that is on my agenda for the beginning of the week.

be NEAT (as in organized): Here are links to 101 creative valentine boxes. Some of these are crazy adorable. I especially love the gingham piggie!

a TUTORIAL to do: Here’s a tutorial for a felt valentine mailbox. This might be on my list for my kiddos valentines I shared yesterday!

becoming more AWARE: This is a Valentine marriage challenge. Whose marriage doesn’t need a little oomph and recharge?

something to SEW: This is a great pattern and tutorial for a beautiful ruffle skirt. Perfect for Valentine’s day!

to TRIM my house with: Here is a link to more boards on Pinterest than you could ever imagine on Valentine decorating ideas!

ILLUSTRATION to stitch: Leave it to Martha to share some awesome vintage like Valentine cards.

CUTE: Brick House Studio on etsy has some really darling prints. I’m really loving elephants right now so this one is my favorite.

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