‘do not lose your inward peace for anything whatsoever…
commend all to God, and then lie still and be at rest in God’s bosom…

whatever happens, abide steadfast in a determination
to cling simply to God…’

~St. Francis de Sales

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“There is an economic argument for choosing a literal nest egg over a figurative one. Conventional feminist wisdom held that two incomes were necessary to provide a family’s basic needs — not to mention to guard against job loss, catastrophic illness, divorce or the death of a spouse. Femivores suggest that knowing how to feed and clothe yourself regardless of circumstance, to turn paucity into plenty, is an equal — possibly greater — safety net. After all, who is better equipped to weather this economy, the high-earning woman who loses her job or the frugal homemaker who can count her chickens?”

Peggy Orenstein

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A Little Link Love

I’ve come across a couple of really good links the past few days…

For those who sew (or want to) these little pillows are so cute. I wish I had enough time to get them done for the kid’s Easter baskets.

For those who love hymns (and more traditional music) I found this link where you can download a whole album (for free!) of many well-loved hymns. I’ve only listened to a couple but so far so good!

And seriously, if there was one thing I dislike most about Easter it would be eggs. I have yet to dye them with my kids (what’s the point?) and I can’t stand the plastic ones (what do you do with them all?) and they inevitably end up all over my house and it drives me nuts. But this, this I could get into. I will never have time to make one of these at the traditional time (with little Chick’s birthday right before Christmas and all) but this time of year it could actually happen. (but not this year)!

And for those of you wondering…the quilt is on standbye until after all the Easter sewing. It is safely stashed on the top of my sewing shelves.

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Do You See Her?

do you see her?

So, I’m stripping the wallpaper in our dining room and when I walked back into the room after wetting down the last of the glue, I saw this…do you see the pregnant woman?

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