once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a girl who watched her grandmother and her mom sew.
She begged her mom to teach her, but eventually took a sewing class on her own.
She got a sewing machine for her birthday and started sewing.
She became enamored with fabric and patterns and
the more she sewed the more she learned and the better she got.

Then she picked up a needle and stitched a girl eating a watermelon.
Then she stitched some more and eventually thought of a name and opened a web store.

At some point she realized that her life of classroom teaching was over. Job after job opportunity fell through and that old desire for teaching in an academic setting just fell away.
And her heart stirred.
Her heart stirred greatly to create a place for people to come sew and make things.
A place for people to gather, to party and celebrate and learn.
A place for people to buy fabric and pattern and notions the likes of which you can’t easily get here in this small town.
So a dream was born.

This dreamer is not a professional seamstress.
I don’t have a degree in design or art or even business.
But I have a passion
and a stirring
and I almost have a plan 🙂

Yesterday I wrote about creativity and honestly I long to create a space for people to see that each and every one of us is creative. Given the right encouragement, teaching, tools and space we can all make things. That is evident in that crazy painting I painted.

And while I’ve been reading this amazing book about prayer, I’m learning to pray.
I’m learning that this business isn’t going to come about because I did something right.
It isn’t going to come about because I planned so perfectly.
It’s going to come about through prayer.
Would you pray along with me friends?

The goal is to be open by next Fall 2013.
I long to open in downtown Maryville and while I don’t have a logo yet, the name is “the crooked stitch: a sewing-craft lounge”. I can’t even begin to tell you all the things, tiny things, that have happened or I have learned since this stirring started. The encouragement that is continually pumped into my heart to just keep on going with this is amazing and yet fearful at the same time. But isn’t that life? Risk and following our dreams/our heart stirrings isn’t safe. But oh it can be so amazing in the end.

And here are the two spots I am specifically praying for…

This one would anchor between two current and successful artsy-fiber studios. One a well known knitting shop (across the street) and one a pottery-art open studio on the end of the block. It would almost start to make this block a artsy sort of block.


This one has been my dream place from the beginning. But the space is huge and the rent is incredible.



Let the story begin.

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growing seeds of kindness

For Lent this year our goal as a family is to be more intentional in our actions towards each other. I saw an idea for something like this on A Holy Experience (Ann Voskamp’s blog). Her family practiced this idea during advent. I stored it away as something for us to do as we prepare for Easter.


seeds of kindness


The idea is that every time we do something kind for one another, every time we put others first, we get to plant a wheat seed. The hope is that by Easter, this pot will be overflowing with wheat grass.



My sweet children have already bought into this idea and I’ve loved all the conversations we’ve had about it. Yesterday my son remarked: “wouldn’t it be awesome if this whole little jar of wheat berries was gone by Easter?” and today my daughter asked: “can I give you a hug for a wheat seed?”

Here’s hoping the momentum continues for the next 38 days.

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I started blogging long before 2008, but this was the year I switched to wordpress and really started writing and posting. I’ve never really done a recap, so I thought it might be fun to see what some of the top posts were this past year.

2011 was a changing year for me with daisyeyes. I found myself at home this year, with both of my children in school. I felt the Lord tugging my heart to focus and learn about growing daisyeyes handmade into more of a “real” business. This past fall has been a learning experience for sure. I don’t know the first thing about marketing, packaging or web design and I’ve been moved out of my box for sure, but that said I’m beyond excited. I’ve got the support of loads of friends, my husband, parents and so many others and I am so excited about where things could go in 2012.

That said, here is a recap of the past year.

The top post of last year was about our if/then chart. I recently wrote about our updated version of this and was honestly surprised that this was the most read (and pinned) post.

The second most popular was about where I sew. I must say this was probably the best development of this past year. Finally finishing (well sort of!) our basement and having a dedicated spot to sew has been amazing. I’ve still got loads to do with organizing, but it’s been just awesome to have a spot for sure.

Last October I took part in the 31 days party. It was a hard month, I have to be honest. I started out strong, but by the end of the month I was almost regretting that I had decided to do it. In the end, it was good for me and I’m glad I did. Although, next year I’ll give a little more thought to the topic I choose!

As for 2012, I hope to be a little more regular and organized in my posting. I am pondering through some ideas, such as posting a found pattern once a week, working on an alphabet sampler letter by letter and week by week, learning and “teaching” an embroidery stitch per week among a few other ideas. I’m also working on some patterns of my own to share…talk about working outside the box!

Thanks again to all the readers, followers and friends who continue to encourage me in so many ways. You have each played a part in growing this little daisy.

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