embroidered onesies & burp cloth sets

Coming soon to etsy and jack and jill: embroidered onesies and burp cloth sets. Sets are $28 and onesies come in sizes 0-3, 3-6 and 12 months.

trees n’flowers
trees n'flowers onesie/burp cloth set

little birds
little birds onesie/burp cloth set

lift off
blast off onesie/burp cloth set

my long necked friend
giraffe onesie/burp set

apples n’pears
apples n'pears onesie onesie/burp set

monkey lovin’
monkey lovin' onesie/burp set

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I found a seller on etsy who sells these adorable patterns for quiet books. Here are my top 3 favorites and I’m pondering purchasing these patterns and using 100% recycled eco-felt (felt makes all the difference in how professional they would look) to make them to sell at the local shop here in town.

Here’s my dilemma…how much would you pay for one of these (if you were a savvy, wealthy shopper) and would you even buy one? It would cost me about $50-60 to get enough materials + the patterns to do the first group. What do you think? A worthwhile investment??

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custom orders


rabbit + carrots
Rabbit + Carrots Close up

rooster + chicks
Rooster + chicks Onesie


coming to Jack n Jill


bonnet chick receiving blanket
Bonnet Birdie Blanket

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busy little me

in an effort to finally get some stuff in the local shop (and make up for my serious lack of sewing this past year), here’s what’s on my table to get done in the coming weeks:

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