going green experiment {wool dryer balls}

So I have a few boards on Pinterest that I have decided that I am going to tackle this year. One of them is my “living green” board. While there were a few standard things I adapted to in 2012 (making my own handsoap for example) there are many other things I’ve wanted to tackle. My goal is to take at least one pin from my board (or any other place that I end up seeing something) and try that out once a month.

This month was easy. A while back I pinned this idea for making dryer balls from Jillee (who is hands down the queen of DIY stuff) and while I was making a run to JoAnns one day I grabbed a skein of 100 percent wool yarn. And then it sat in various places in my house staring at me until finally I decided to sit down and do it (back to back episodes of Parenthood on the iPad helped; I must admit).


So, I started winding and I only came up with 3 balls (she got 4). It was hard to tell from her picture how big hers were. (This whole conversation is making me giggle to be honest…I have a 9 year old boy in my house so any conversation with the word “balls” in it makes him erupt. I digress).

I threw my into a pantyhose (finally a use for those things laying in my drawer) and washed them and dried them. And so far, the jury is out.

My clothes still came out with gobs of static. So I am really just not sure. Maybe I need more than 3?

Has anyone else out there tried these with success?

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a birthday post

Today is my chick’s 6th birthday. In many ways I think I’m in denial that my baby is now 6, but I won’t go there because today is a day to celebrate.
Here she is at about 3 months.



She is all about horses so we did a horse theme for our family gathering tonight. I convinced her to have cupcakes pretty much so I can make my favorite cupcakes ever…cookies and cream! I’ll have to share the recipe later.


I made a little banner out of scrapbook paper, stitched it together and hung it off these lollipop sticks I grabbed at Michael’s. I also found a tube of little horses that were perfect for grazing in their green sprinkled field!


And the big birthday gift was something that I hinted at a few days ago…this awesome bunk bed for her dolls that my oh so talented husband made. The plans are based off this bed by Ana White and I had seen where people had taken that bed and turned it into bunks. I counted my blessings being married to a handyman and he went at it!


As you can see, my quilts ended up being a little short and honestly so are the mattresses. I’m thinking that I’ll go back and redo the mattresses at some point, but the quilts are short to stay!

Happy 6th Birthday to my chickadee!

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fantastic fridays {nov 9)

fantasticfriday button

Hello friends! Time for another weekly wrap up of some great finds from around the web this week.
If you didn’t catch yesterdays post, I’m hosting a give away…check out this link for more info! Entries end tonight at midnight.

great FABRIC: More goodness coming from the Fall Quilt Market. Monaluna has a super great line coming out early next year called Modern Home. I really love the vintage looking appliances. If only it wasn’t so dang expensive!

to whet your APPETITE: Earlier this week I posted a recipe for the best baked pumpkin oatmeal ever. Kinda thinking it might be on the menu again this weekend! It was that yummy.

be NEAT (as in organized): Love, love this idea of using a tool caddy that goes over a bucket for storing art supplies!

a TUTORIAL to do: Totally loving this idea of using galvanized plumbing supplies for curtain rods. Check out this tutorial for everything you need!

becoming more AWARE: Ann Voskamp has a great freebie for a lovely Thankfulness Tree.

something to SEW: Sew Liberated has some really awesome patterns coming out in the next year! Check them out!

to TRIM my house with: I’m trying to come up with some new ways to decorate my banister besides fake garland. I’ve pinned a couple of options. Love this one with embroidery hoops and burlap “ribbon, I also love these white flowers with ornaments hanging in between the rods,  and even just hanging a simple banner.

ILLUSTRATION to stitch: I really don’t need another project for my needle right now, but I do love this vintage looking Christmas tree. It would be a beautiful embroidery!

CUTE: Sweet, sweet embroideries at this site. And the guinea pig…adorable!

Have a happy weekend!!!

And don’t forget about the give away!!!

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fantastic friday {nov 2}

fantasticfriday button

Hello friends! Whew, after 31 days of embroidery we are finally back to regular programming. If you followed along with my stitches I hope you learned something. I sure did! Now I need to come up with the perfect embroidery that might encompass all the cool stitches I learned!

If you are new to following this little space, on Fridays I recap some great finds from around the web that fit into these random little categories that I created that spell out the word “fantastic” because I love that word. It just rolls off your tongue. So here we go!!

great FABRIC: Fall quilt market is over and True Up has started posting all their awesome findings. If you want to see what’s up and coming in the world of textiles in the next few months head on over there and follow along!

to whet your APPETITE: pumpkins & apples? can’t go wrong there!

be NEAT (as in organized): I’m on a mission to greatly reduce our grocery budget without being one of coupon fanatics that stocks up their house with 12 boxes of hamburger helper! Here is a great site with some good ideas (albeit many of her recipies I would alter) and I love this grocery list printable on a fun little clipboard!

a TUTORIAL to do: It’s going to be another American Girl birthday and Christmas in this house for my chick and I’m desperately searching the web for ideas of things to make vs. buy. This is a great cloak made from a santa hat, we are using this tutorial to make her a bunk bed and I also plan on trying to make one of these fitted sheets for the bed too.

becoming more AWARE: I just finished reading this book. I’ve mentioned it here before, but you need to read it. It will change your life.

something to SEW: I totally am in love with this raincoat by Oliver + S. Well actually I’m always in love with Oliver + S, but this raincoat is totally cute.

to TRIM my house with: Love this Fall front door and stoop.

ILLUSTRATION to stitch: This is my new favorite quote and I know just the person I should stitch it up for.

CUTE: This blog, ollibird, is pretty awesome and if I had a color printer I would print these asap. Totally cute.


Have a happy weekend!!!

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Every now and again it’s fun to try a different sort of project and this time around it was stitching onto the cover of a moleskin journal.
I don’t know what it is about these books (that come in a variety of sizes, colors etc) but just holding one makes me feel like I could write buckets and buckets of amazing words. They are just lovely little books.

Embroidered moleskin blessings journal

I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts and while I’ve been keeping a list over at a constant pursuit, I was prompted by reading to actually start my list beyond just the Mondays when I type it on the computer. And that warranted a trip to Target for a set of moleskins.

Embroidered moleskin blessings journal

“eucharisteo” is the phrase she often repeats. It’s a giving of thanks. It is a posture of life that focuses on all the blessings that God bestows on us…the lovely and the ugly-beautiful. It is seeking to find His touches of grace in our lives. It is a life-changing perspective and one that I’m praying daily to have.

Embroidered moleskin blessings journal

Moleskins are a lovely thing to practice stitching on. The only difference is that you have to pop a guide whole through before stitching, unlike when using fabric you can “see” the line through. These books in particular where pretty easy to poke through; not too thick. That said, I wouldn’t stitch more than a few words. Your fingers will thank you later.

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