T-Shirt Dress

Tshirt Dress

These little dresses are floating around etsy and other boutiques and a friend commissioned me to make one for her little girl. It’s taken me a while, but I finally pulled it out. My sewing table is ridiculously overloaded and it’s been so hard to get myself over there to work on stuff, but it’s funny because as soon as I did it felt SOOO good. It was a great way to spend a few hours this afternoon.

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Little of This & a Little of That

The last few weeks have just been so crazy. I feel like I’ve done nothing but drive places and rush home to do dinner and get the kids in bed just to start all over again the next day. I’ve started on some new medicine too and while it is making me feel better, I’m still trying to get used to it. I haven’t taken meds for anything in years and so it’s been hard trying to figure out the best time to take it and just my body getting used to it.

onesies group

I finally did have some time to sit and embroider these onesies for a couple of friends. It’s so relaxing to just sit down and do a little sewing.


I also made these little journals for a couple of friends too. The blue one is actually fabric and I tried the whole mod podge thing again (like this) and I’m still not sure about it. It makes the fabric so stiff that I think I like the feel of covering the books with paper better. The other little journal is for my cousin’s little girl and I am working on a pencil roll for her too (purple of course!) but you shall have to wait for pics of that as it is still laying in pieces on my ironing board.

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Brag Book

real simple brag book front

I found this tutorial back in October and planned for months to make it for different gifts last year but it never happened. Finally I got everything together and put it together for my mom’s birthday this weekend.

real simple brag book inside

Basically you get one of these little card files from Target (real simple brand but I’m sure you could use whatever you find like it) and take some fabric and decoupage the top. It was pretty easy to do (and this from someone who has never worked with mod podge before!) and while it’s not perfect I do love it and hope she will too.

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Saving Handmade


I can’t say that I’m really on the up and up with this yet, but I’ve been reading it on the blogs for a while now.  Amy Karol at Angry Chicken has a great explanation of what’s going on with all the toy regs and also some links to help sign petitions and send letters to congressmen and senators. I’ve never actually done anything like that until today.

Something about putting regulations on the whole handmade generation that is coming up just hits me totally the wrong way. There are so many awesome crafters out there, moms and dads who are contributing to the rise of better, quality toys, that it seems so incredibly wrong to punish them because of all the crap that comes from China.

Check it out and do your part if you feel so inclined!

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