An Easy Christmas Ornament

The Long Thread posted this tutorial a few weeks ago and I showed it to my son and we declared it a great project for those little gifts that you just need to give. I honestly didn’t want to search for little wooden balls and had a stash of glass ornaments so we opted to make ours out of those.

Here’s how we made ours:

Santa Ornament Materials

1) Cut out pattern (for the 1.5″ wooden balls the pattern is at The Long Thread link and I just printed the one from the tutorial and cut mine about a 1/2″ larger)

2) Sew edges of hat together and turn (a great project for the little ones…chop sticks work great as tools to poke on through the hat when turning) but don’t forget to leave a little hole at the top point! If you don’t sew, I don’t see why you couldn’t just hot glue the edges together!

Santa w/hat

3) Tie white ribbon through the loop of the ornament and then stick the ribbon out through the top of the hat to make the hanger.

Santa sans eyes

4) Hot glue a small dot at the back seam of the hat to keep in place and then hot glue the white beard on.

5) Add some eyes (paint pens work best)

Santa Finished

6) Hang on your tree or share with a friend!

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Winter Embroidered Bibs

Winter Bibs

I had seriously hoped to have sewn at least 6 of these while on our drive down to Florida for Thanksgiving, but my sweet  daughter continuously demanded my attention elsewhere during our lovely journey (said with much sarcasm). Sadly I only completed these 2, but hope to have a third finished this week.
Nevertheless, I do love these two.

Here is Mr. Santa Penguin
Santa Penguin Bib

and Starry Snowman
Starry Snowman Bib

Winter Bibs (front/back)

The designs are from Homeberries and I ended up stitching them on muslin for a change and then backing them with chenille (which is insanely messy to cut and sew by the way!) Local? Find them at Jack and Jill in the near future!

Back to more sewing!!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Here are the Christmas onesies I finished for the local shop (Jack and Jill if you live around here). I’m working on some Christmas bibs too, but not sure if I’ll get any done in time.  Life seems to be moving a bit too quickly around here!

Christmas Tree
Tree Onesie

Santa Penguin
Santa Penguin


Reindeer Dog
Reindeer Dog


Candy Cane
candy cane

I think the dog and the penguin are my favorite…what’s yours?

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Whimsey Dolls

Whimsey Dolls

Every time I attempt to make a stuffed doll it all comes back to me why I never try to make stuffed things. Nevertheless, I tried this doll once. Gave up.

Whimsey Dolls: flowers

Tried her again.

Whimsey Dolls: Cat

And seriously don’t know if I’ll have it in me to make another.

But the chick loves hers and hopefully our little birthday recipient will like hers too come Sunday.

p.s. the pattern isn’t mine. It is from bitofwhimseyprims etsy shop. Hers are much cuter! 🙂

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