back in business…

Here are the latest onesies to come off the ironing board of daisyeyes. I’m trying something new and doing names or monograms on the front and a larger design on the bums. Let me know what you think.

"Blaine" Name Onesie

"Blaine" Name Onesie Back

"Phoebe" Name Onesie close-up

"Phoebe" Name Onesie Back

Monogram Onesie

Monogram Onesie Back

And this seems to be a favorite requested one…

Chick n'Egg Onesie

I also ordered new tags for all my projects. I realized that I was totally out of compliance with the CPSIAA or whatever the heck that thing is. I also realized that my iron on printed tags were washing off. I ordered these little tags through miss label (who rocks) and also some “daisyeyes” ribbon to wrap up the onesies in. I love both and love the look it gives.

New Tags courtesy of Miss Label

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What’s Cookin’ in Your Kitchen?

My first felt food order for a friend (and 3 sets of it too!)

French Fries
Group of Fries

Goldfish “crackers”

Spaghetti with Marinara
Spaghetti with Marinara

Over Easy Eggs
Over Easy Eggs

Bowtie Pasta (I don’t know what’s up with the color, these are deep red: as if covered in marinara sauce)
Bow Ties

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fabric fun

If there is any kind of money I can blow through (or burns a hole in my pocket) it’s any extra cash I might have to spend on fabric. I’ve made a couple of custom sewing projects lately and did I hold onto that money? No way!

Here’s a couple of finds that I just got (nothing like opening the mailbox and seeing a package that you know is full of fabric!)

I started out searching for laminated cotton (and ended up buying everything but!) and stumbled upon this shop on ebay of all places. It’s called Emerald City Fabrics and the prices are pretty amazing. If you order more than one fabric, she flat rates the shipping (and that is awesome!) I found some Denise Schmidt County Fair (yellow with flowers) to add to my stash for when we redo our kitchen (couldn’t pass up $6.95 a yard!) and then this cute Alexander Henry doggie fabric (perfect for a dress for the chick).

Fabric fun

Then, again while searching on etsy for laminated cotton (haha) I found this little shop called down shadow lane and stumbled upon this Denise Schmidt Katy Jump Rope (the red w/flowers) that is screaming for me to make a dress. I’m thinking I’m going to try the Schoolhouse Tunic by Sew Liberated

That said, there will be no sewing of any kind going on until I tear down the sewing/computer/soon to be school room and paint…after we get through Vacation Bible School!

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busy little me

in an effort to finally get some stuff in the local shop (and make up for my serious lack of sewing this past year), here’s what’s on my table to get done in the coming weeks:

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I’m giving etsy a go again. Not sure about selling the onesies on there as they never really did take off online (locally they are doing great, if only I could make more!), but hoping to be able to get some buyers with my princess wands (as a party favor set) and the superhero capes. I’m also working on some felt and embroidered birth announcements too.

Check out the new listings here.

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