little notoriety

I was wasting some time the other night while the chick was taking a bath and trying to get caught up on my blog reading via feedly. I’m strumming through all the blogs and lo and behold see something that just stops my heart…it was my embroidery in my feed!


It was so crazy, sweet and humbling! Hop on over to feeling stitchy and check it out! This Sarah William’s poem is probably one of my most favorite things I’ve ever created. I love the words, love sewing it and just love how it turns out differently every single time.

You can order your own here; I would love to stitch one up just for you!

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thursday threads {august stitch along}

thursday threads

Welcome back to Thursday Threads! I try to dedicate Thursdays to showing off either an embroidery project of mine and/or other stitching goodness from around the web. This week I’m so excited to share my latest stitch along.

If you haven’t visited the blog feeling stitchy and you embroider (or aspire to) it’s an awesome resource. They have a great community on flickr and I’m always amazed at the creations I see added in the group every day. Once a month they host a stitch-a-long. A free pattern is always offered (and boy do they vary!) and then you stitch it any old way your heart desires.

august stitch along 2012: the sisters

This month was a pattern by Cate Anevski and it was super cute. What was most amazing were all the different ways people stitched this one cute girl. One of my most favorite people is getting ready to move her girls into the same bedroom, so I decided to make some special embroideries for the occasion.

august stitch along sister #1

I decided to try some applique and she provided some scraps from their coordinating bed quilts.

august stitch along sister#2

I experimented a little with some different stitches and also combining floss colors to try and get their hair color. One is more of a red head and the other a blondie. The hoops are wrapped with some of those quilt scraps and measure about 8 inches. Not making this a great hang alone sort of hoop, but hopefully a great addition to some sort of wall collage in their new space.

This is a super fun pattern to stitch and easily lends itself to so many different variations. Why don’t you head over here and get your free pattern and get stitching yourself!?

And for fun…look at this awesome stitched door? Wouldn’t that be so cool to have?



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thursday threads {June stitch along}

Covered in Stitches Entry: SNEAK PEEK

I’ve been steadily stitching, the likes of which I haven’t done in months, to finish up this month’s stitch along. I admit I had a hard time getting into it, but once I finally figured out my plan I ended up having a blast.

june stitch along: narwhale

I decided to only use 2 main colors. I had 3 different shades of blue and then a gold (although I did use a cotton black for the words). I used a split stitch for the golden banner and a plain back stitch for the whale and all the crusty stuff that grows on a whale with a few french knots thrown in 🙂

June stitch along: narwhale

I tried a rope stitch with my own variegated thread (2 darker blues to 1 lighter) for parts of the waves and used a solid darker blue with a stem stitch for the opposite waves.

Overall, I’m stoked with how it turned out. Probably one of the best things to come off my hoop in a while.

june stitch along: narwhale

Next up, I’m bound and determined to start on this and get it finished with a pattern written for the shop by mid-July. We’ll see!

Steps to an embroidery design #5

I’m also entering a stitching contest 🙂 The details are here and more on what I’m stitching next week.

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thursday threads {wip}

thursday threads

This month’s stitch a long for feeling stitchy is a narwhale. I don’t know what that is, other than a unicorn looking thing, but it’s a fish and my rooster is crazy about fish. Therefore this month’s embroidery is dedicated to him.

After a little thread shopping, I came up with this gold (his room is a variety of browns) and a mix of blues for the whole embroidery. I’m trying my hand at limiting the number of colors of thread and instead using a variety of stitches and also thread widths.

June stitch along WIP 2012

After spending just a tiny bit of time working on it, I’m finally getting into it and had to share my progress for today’s thursday threads.

June SAL: wip

I’m in love with french knots (perfect for barnacles) and probably my favorite “line” stitch is the split stitch (perfect for banners). Next up, i tackle some of the waves: the plan is to make my own variegated thread of varied widths. I can’t wait!

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a nice pat on the back

In a week where all I seem to have done is cut out felt and expressed very little creativity, I got a great boost for those days when I can get a little more creative.

Head on over here to see what I’m boasting about!

And if you are here from feeling stitchy, make yourself and home at I hope you feel very welcomed and appreciated!

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