The Break is Over

car/ladybug onesies front

Finally a little embroidery happening again in this house. These are for a local school fundraising auction. They are both new designs that I had in my bag to do for the last who knows how long.

onesies back

Introducing Lil’ lady ladybug and mr. beep beep

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Christmas Embroidery

The retreat I went on this past weekend was full of highs and lows, but one of the highs was getting these two projects done. I’ve been trying to do a few Christmas things to have at the boutique and I think these are the last 2 that are going to get completed. (I’ve got too many gifts on my plate yet to make!). I love how they both turned out.

santa onesie

This is a long sleeve onesie with Mr. Ho Ho Ho on it (as little chick calls him).

candy cane bloomers

And these are some sweet little bloomers.

And if you are curious, they are laying on some more of Amy Karol’s clutches that I made yesterday for Little Rooster’s teachers and some lucky family members.

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Christmas Project #1

coffee cupholders

This is the first of two projects for friends that I’ve gotten completed this week. They are cupholders for your coffee cup. The tutorial is here and it is a great, easy project that what really fun to create and customize. I ended up using some of my very special wool felt to embroider some words on to add to the front. I think it really added that last little spark. I had to take a special trip to Starbucks to get a cup of coffee to have a cupholder to use as the pattern (so sad!) and washed it out to keep it so I could take this great picture to show you these “in action” but my sweet hubbie thought it was just trash and tossed it…crazy man.

Can’t wait to pass them on!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Embroidery Updates

I finished a couple of projects this weekend:

mexican boy towel

First, was the first of two tea towels for a Christmas gift. This is a vintage pattern from Pattern Bee. It is probably the biggest embroidery project I’ve done to date (and I’ve got one more to do!!) but I love how it turned out.

boy/daisy chain close up

I learned how to do a new daisy chain stitch with this project too and it’s a lot of fun!

christmas tea towel

Second, is a Christmas towel for a friend. This is a vintage pattern from Floresita. I experimented a bit with threads on this one. I used 2 strands of regular embroidery floss and one linen for the tree and love the mix of colors, very subtle.

snowflakes close up

Then I used the linen thread for the snowflakes and absolutely love how they look.

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