Turning over an Old Leaf

A few weeks ago I received a comment from mamapedia voices to submit a post to them and was sort of shocked that my little spot got picked up from someone other than the 5 friends that read this little blog.

Then last weekend I got a call from a local consignment boutique that wanted me to try some of my handmade things in their shop. Needless to say all of this attention made my head swell (haha, just kidding). Really it just made me shake my head and say, “why NOW!!!??”

But, on the flip side I can see why this is a perfect time to take on these new ventures. The writing and crafting would surely suffer in the end (and me with it) and these offer me some accountability with both of those things which are great life balancers for me.

A submission for Mamapedia is still brewing in my head, but I am on the move with some things already in the shop. I have pretty much sold out of inventory at the Cupcake shop and I am moving what is left to the new shop. All that to say, if you are local you can now find my hand embroidered baby things, coffee cosies, capes and other new things at Jack and Jill.

And while you are there, check out my friend Emily‘s handmade children’s clothing and baby stuff. It’s AMAZING!

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New Onesie and New Wall

A friend asked me to design a onesie for a “hard rocker” friend. I really love how it turned out. This has to be on of my new favs for sure.

rock on onesie full picture

I’m also proud of this “new wall” in our new den. I am not one to spend money on any sort of decorations or frames or knick knacky things, but I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and they had rows and rows of home dec stuff for 80% off. Who can pass over that? So I walked through and found this assortment and walked out paying $14 for the 3 pieces. I really love how it turned out and it’s so funny how hanging something on a wall can make a room seem so different!

new wall

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Some Sewing Finally

It seems like forever since I’ve posted anything sewing lately.

Taxi Bag

I finally sat down this afternoon and finished a project. Yes, the quilt is still looming, but I really just needed something I could make quickly and be happy with. I borrowed Anna Maria Horner’s new book from the library and have had my eye on this bag since I saw it. I bought the fabric when I went on my girl’s trip to NC and it was screaming “make me into a bag!!!”.

Taxi Bag Inside

The lining was bought with the intentions of being a dress for chick, but I think I like it better as lining.

And here are a few onesies I came up with a few weeks ago.

Couch Tater
couch tater onesie

Good Egg
good egg onesie

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Little of This & a Little of That

The last few weeks have just been so crazy. I feel like I’ve done nothing but drive places and rush home to do dinner and get the kids in bed just to start all over again the next day. I’ve started on some new medicine too and while it is making me feel better, I’m still trying to get used to it. I haven’t taken meds for anything in years and so it’s been hard trying to figure out the best time to take it and just my body getting used to it.

onesies group

I finally did have some time to sit and embroider these onesies for a couple of friends. It’s so relaxing to just sit down and do a little sewing.


I also made these little journals for a couple of friends too. The blue one is actually fabric and I tried the whole mod podge thing again (like this) and I’m still not sure about it. It makes the fabric so stiff that I think I like the feel of covering the books with paper better. The other little journal is for my cousin’s little girl and I am working on a pencil roll for her too (purple of course!) but you shall have to wait for pics of that as it is still laying in pieces on my ironing board.

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