Embroidery: Custom Family Portrait


I love stitching these little portraits, but the ones I love the most are the ones I get to stitch of people I know. This one is super special as it’s one of my closest friends. It’s always fun to figure out how to stitch hair, what sorts of clothes to put on them and just all the little details. In the end, it’s crazy to see what you can do with just needle and thread.

The whole crew:

The Flory Family 2016

The youngest kiddos:

The Flory Family 2016

The eldest kiddos:

The Flory Family 2016


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Embroidery: Inch Stitch Along


One of the highlights of last year was the opportunity to be a part of the &stitches crew. After much discussion, the blog was shut down this year (the archives still remain) and it has been such a joy to get to know these ladies and even though we aren’t officially stitching together anymore I know we’ll stay in touch. Even though the blog is stagnant now, we all agreed that we wanted to go ahead with our little stitch along that we had been planning behind the scenes. Each of the crew has taken a few days throughout this year to present their prompts for this little stitch along. It’s meant to be a quick one, just filling in one little inch square and inching along in stretching your embroidery muscles.

The original post with the template is here along with links to the first 4 prompts. Today I bring you prompt 5…

stitch with something other than standard 6 strand floss!


Here are a few options that I pulled from my thread stash (starting on the left)
hand dyed cotton perle
wool thread
silk thread
and on the end is the standard, divisible thread that you can’t use!

I used the silk thread and stitched an initial A for my first name.


Stitch along with us and branch out into the amazing world of threads!

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Embroidery: New Pattern

JE cover

JE cover

I’ve got a new pattern in the shop and this is a great one for those of you desiring to stretch your stitching muscles and learn how to make some beautiful embroidered flowers.

Jim Elliot Quote 2016

The quote is from Jim Elliott who was married to Elizabeth Elliot. I think knowing their story makes these words ring even more true. Truly, wherever the Lord had placed them, I don’t doubt they were completely all there. Engaged and invested fully in the people and surroundings that they were in. I long to live with that kind of contentment and trust.

Jim Elliot Quote 2016

This pattern is a mix of simple embroidery backstitches for the text and some more advanced stitches like the satin stitch flower, the rope stitch for the vines and more. The downloadable PDF is enhanced with links to videos for how to do each stitch, in addition to stitch photos and descriptions. There is a complete color and stitch chart and lots of tips on how to transfer your pattern and finish your embroidery.

Grab the pattern here and happy stitching!

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Embroidery: Wedding Season Has Begun

Custom Converse

Everyone in my house knows when wedding season has begun by the stacks of shoeboxes that show up on our front porch! I’ve been super busy trying to keep up with all these custom embroideries, but I love it. Here’s a glimpse at some of the shoes I’ve done so far this spring.

chambray toms

These TOMS came with a great story about that little owl up on the top. It was a tribute to the bride’s grandmother. I love little special touches like that!


Mrs. Wild custom converse

I wish I kept count for how many pairs of these mint colored Converse I’ve stitched over the past few years. Definitely the most popular color.


Mrs. Clark custom converse

Mrs. Clark is getting married 🙂


monogrammed converse

It’s not all just wedding shoes around here! These were some custom monogrammed shoes for a local 13 year old. I really love how they turned out!


something blue custom converse

Something blue…


lacey keds custom

These lacey Keds are some of my favorites. I’ve done a couple pairs of them and I love how they turned out.


Mrs. Deltoro custom converse

Exreme close up.


custom converse

Every wedding day should start with “happily ever after!”


his and hers custom converse

Custom his and hers.

I’m still taking orders for custom embroidered TOMS, Keds and Converse. You can check out my whole shoe portfolio on flickr.
Interested in a pair? Click here to head over to my etsy shop.

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Embroidery Workshop!

pendant cover


I love hand embroidery and I love teaching it more than anything.
I’m super excited to finally have my first embroidery workshop set up and ready for this spring!

Come learn the basics of getting started and walk away with your own embroidered pendant necklace!
This is a great workshop for ALL levels – whether you love to sew or have never even held a needle.

Here’s the details!
When: Thursday, April 7, 2016
Time: 6:30-8:30
Where: Everett Senior Center Art Room; Maryville, TN
Cost: $40

Feel free to bring a snack (and a friend) and let’s enjoy an awesome night out!

All supplies are included with the fee.
Register here.

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Embroidery: Bugs in Jars Series


I’ve had this idea brewing for a while now of this series I wanted to do I’m calling “Bugs in Jars”.

Bugs in jars series. 2016

I’m using vintage insect illustrations as a guide and coming up with a series of embroideries that will include some dimensional stumpwork.

Bugs in jars series. 2016

Here’s a peek at some progress shots for my first in the series.

Bugs in jars series. 2016

The wings in this one are rimmed with wire – which is honestly my least favorite part of any handwork. It’s the most tedious and eye crossing work.

Bugs in jars series. 2016

But once you cut them out, the result is totally worth it!

Bugs in jars series. 2016

I’m using a mix of wool and cotton threads for all of these and I am so super excited how it’s all coming together!

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