birthday clothes

My little chick is turning five this weekend and to celebrate we are taking her to the American Girl store for a morning of fun. Everyone needs special birthday clothes and this year I turned to Sarah Jane to provide the cutest fabric for my chick.

happy birthday clothes for bitty and me

This is one of my play skirts that is embellished with some hand embroidery to add a little fun. I made a simple matching shirt with some of the parade appliqued on.

birthday clothes for bitty

A trip to the American Girl store isn’t complete without a matching outfit for your little Bitty Baby. I purposely made this dress a size up so that hopefully the “big girl doll” she picks out can get to wear it too.

Happy Birthday to my sweet chick-a-dee!

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The kids and I visited our new Habitat Restore and at first glance I was a little disappointed…until I rounded the corner and found the motherload of 25 cent patterns. Five crates full!

I found a couple of cool 1960s dress patterns for me:

Some super cute doll clothes patterns (one is actually from the 1960s and the other is a reprint of a vintage pattern)

And a host of patterns for the chick (these are all from 2000 and on up, but can’t be the price!)

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more doll clothes

for one of our little friends. These are for a 20″ size doll. Thinking I might make some more to put up on etsy…thoughts? Not sure what the demand/need is for custom doll clothes.

20" doll clothes: shirt/panties close up

20" doll clothes: outfit close up

What is most fun about this outfit, is that I made a diaper bag for this little one out of this exact fabric. How time flies!

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Doll Clothes

Here is the last of the Christmas sewing. Did I get it all done? No, alas I didn’t. The rooster will just have to get his PJ pants for New Years instead. I’ve got loads of cooking to do tomorrow so this is it.

Introducing Bitty Baby Clothes:

A Matching Dress + Swing Coat

Doll Dress with Matching Coat

A Pant/Shirt Set

Baby Doll Set

and bunting with a sweet little cap

Baby Doll Bunting


and have you heard the news? There’s a super cute guinea pig sleeping in my basement 🙂

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