a birthday post

Today is my chick’s 6th birthday. In many ways I think I’m in denial that my baby is now 6, but I won’t go there because today is a day to celebrate.
Here she is at about 3 months.



She is all about horses so we did a horse theme for our family gathering tonight. I convinced her to have cupcakes pretty much so I can make my favorite cupcakes ever…cookies and cream! I’ll have to share the recipe later.


I made a little banner out of scrapbook paper, stitched it together and hung it off these lollipop sticks I grabbed at Michael’s. I also found a tube of little horses that were perfect for grazing in their green sprinkled field!


And the big birthday gift was something that I hinted at a few days ago…this awesome bunk bed for her dolls that my oh so talented husband made. The plans are based off this bed by Ana White and I had seen where people had taken that bed and turned it into bunks. I counted my blessings being married to a handyman and he went at it!


As you can see, my quilts ended up being a little short and honestly so are the mattresses. I’m thinking that I’ll go back and redo the mattresses at some point, but the quilts are short to stay!

Happy 6th Birthday to my chickadee!

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dresses and skirts

I’m finally done with all my birthday and holiday sewing…for the chick at least. Today I finished up a matching 3 piece set for the chick and her two dolls.

paris dress: set

The big dress is probably one of my favorite patterns right now. It is the sis boom molly peasant dress and it’s so crazy easy. It’s fun to customize and you have so many different options with it, plus it goes up to pre-teen sizes.

paris dress: big girl

The fabric is all from Hobby Lobby and while it’s totally not what I would love to be sewing for my chick, it’s what she likes.

paris dress doll style

The little dresses are from Simplicity 7083 and honestly I hate this pattern. I’ve made it twice now and each time I can’t get the bodice to turn out right. The directions are insane and all over the place and really not easy to follow and I don’t want to have to focus that much when making doll clothes. Ugg. Time to chuck this one and try something else.



Play skirts

The second half of my sewing morning was spent on these two play skirts. The chick was in dire need of some new skirts and I saw these cute fabrics at Joanns and thought they would make super fun skirts. The doggie print is Alexander Henry and I’m not sure who the other one is.


Only one project left: a drawstring bag for the boy. Ugg. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

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a few tutorials and more

There is a big birthday coming up and with it a project that my husband and I have both been working on. The chick is getting another American Girl doll for her birthday thanks to grandparents (and this is our max too!) so there was a need for something for them to sleep on. You’ll have to tune in late to see the finished project.

Until then, I’ll give you a glimpse at a few projects I worked on today. First up was a fitted sheet for a doll bed. I followed this tutorial by From an Igloo but I added a few changes so I thought I would share them here. I used some leftover pieces of a vintage sheet for the fabric.

doll bed fitted sheet WIP

I followed her directions for cutting out the pattern (mostly because I suck at math) and they were perfect.

doll bed fitted sheet WIP

For my sheets, I opted to serge the unfinished edges instead of folding them over.

doll bed fitted sheet WIP

Then, instead of making a casing for the elastic, I stitched it over the serged edge. To do this, you need to cut out your elastic, make a stitch with your machine leaving your needle in the fabric. Then you pull the elastic to where the end point is and slowly zig zag stitch along the elastic.

doll bed fitted sheet

I think it turned out pretty well.


It is a little floppy on the non elastic sides. I don’t know if this was my fault in measuring or what. If I made some more of these I think I would do elastic all the way around instead of just on the ends. But overall, this is a super easy way to make doll sized sheets!


Now onto the quilts: A while back I made a little bird quilt for my chick’s bed. The fabric was from Heather Bailey (most of it is Pop Garden) and I knew when it was time to make something for her dolls I wanted it to match.

doll bed quilts WIP

I used up most of the scraps I had left for her book sling so after a little searching on etsy I was able to track down some fat quarters that were from the same line. I suck at math and therefore making quilts is probably never going to be my forte (these ended up being about 1″ too short on the sides) but I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out.

doll bed quilts

What was the biggest relief today was finding all this leftover binding from her book sling and quilt that I had already made!

Stay tuned for the big reveal of the whole project in the coming week!

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o + s popover sundress take 2

O   S popover sundress w/matching doll dress

I had intended to make another version of this popover sundress for July 4th, but our beach trip and honestly the rest of the summer just interrupted that plan.

This is a super fun and easy dress to make and this time around the chick is loving it (can’t you tell?)

O   s popover sundress (red/blue version)

Of course, Marie Grace couldn’t be left out of the fun.

o s popover sundress - AG version

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There are days when my sewing table is pretty sparse and there isn’t much on my needle beyond what I want to sew.
There are days when I wonder if I’m crazy to even think I could start a business.
Then there are days when an order comes in and it’s all I can do to get it done.
And yet I still become frustrated with the way things are moving.
Then I remind myself that the Lord doesn’t give us more than we can handle. Wise words to remember.
Especially for days when my table and needle are overflowing and it’s all I can do to stitch speedily enough.

This week was a week filled with an order still undone, “fun” sewing for a sweet friend and her daughter soon to be and even for my chickadee, a fun bag to add to the school’s silent auction baskets, designing for Valentine’s Day (please don’t tell me it’s next month) and now another huge order that makes me realize that He is good and He’s got me under His wings.
Wise words.

a few glimpses into my week…

MoM: doll & onesie

AG leopard print dress

OYW: car trash bagOYW: car trash bag





irishblessingversion2 (1-12)

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