My New Favorite

I just mopped my house with this and I can seriously tell you this will get our house mopped and cleaned more often now just because of how wonderful it smells!

Next purchase will be the laundry soap…has anyone out there tried it??? Any thoughts on it???

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Glass Jars

What is it about a glass jar that you can fill it with all sorts of junk and it looks kind of cool?

ribbon/button jar

These are the jars from my sewing/crafting felt. They are filled with ribbon, trim and buttons among other things.

boys jar

And here is what I did yesterday. I rounded up all the little junky things that my son collects and lays all over his dresser (and drives me batty!) I decided to put them all in a glass jar. I stepped back and looked at it and thought “why is it that I can take all that and put it in a jar and it looks decorative??”

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