In Process…

Why is it that when you are crazy busy with stuff, more tends to roll into your lap???

In addition to this, and these and all the things I am trying to do for my job at church to prepare for Christmas I have this (that I just plain want off my sewing table)


and this (for a baby shower on Saturday)


and this (for the creative team I am on)


that I need (and want) to get done asap! Not to mention that Christmas (and my little chick’s birthday) is coming sooner than I think and I’ve got a ton of gifts to make before then!

Talk about crunch time!

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A Little Sparkle

Remember these?

houses in process

Well, yesterday I started glittering them and today I chucked all my responsibilities that I should have been doing and was in need of a little more sparkle. Here’s an update on how they look now:

houses INP

houses INP

I have one more round of glitter on these 2 little houses and then I will start on the 2 big houses. Who knew that a little glue and glitter could brighten up a rough afternoon?

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Stay Tuned

I’ve never really been extremely excited about decorating and planning for Christmas. Fall is my big decorating time, but for some reason this year I’m really getting pumped about Christmas decorations. Case in point.

My mom and dad had these cardboard villages growing up and I’ve always loved them. My mom has no idea where they’ve gotten to; more than likely tossed or sold in a garage sale.

Last year, I was feeling a little adventurous (actually I had spent too many hours watching Martha Stewart) and thought I might just recreate them myself. Do you seriously think I printed off the templates and glittered them all? Um, nope.

So, this year I saw these in Pottery Barn Kids: (cute, but we don’t have that kind of cash to put into our holiday decorating!)

Read this post and thought I can do this! So off to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s!

So hopefully in the next few weeks I will show you what

this (for roughly $13.00)

houses in process

and this (for roughly $24)

glitter for houses

turned into. Or else I just show you the trash can where I threw them. Martha Stewart I am not! Nor am I Grace Violet. Let’s hope mine turn out half as cute as hers!

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