Being a blog reader has introduced me to so many different things I had no idea about. One of the biggest things has been my introduction to some education styles/methods that I really didn’t know much about (even after many years of university and teaching!) I’ve learned a bunch about Montessori and been introduced to Waldorf. While I’m not sure that either of our kids will end up in anything other than traditional education, one of the things about Waldorf that I do love is the open-ended, imaginary play. I get a handful of toy catalogs now that really put anything that the big name toys makers produce to shame. (I added some of them to my links)

All that to say, I’ve loved playsilks and the idea of them for a while, but would never buy any because they tend to be way to expensive. Both of mine love to dress up and even the baby is getting into the act of pretend play. The Artful Parent posted a how-to about dyeing your own playsilks. Apparently you can buy them very cheaply and then use Kool-Aid to dye them. Check it out, it’s pretty cool (and kind of scary if you are a Kool-Aid drinker!)

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Season of Lent

Easter Tomb

Every year since our little man was young we have made an Easter Tomb. I learned this little tradition from a family in our old church in NC. I always try to do it around Ash Wednesday so that the grass seed has plenty of time to sprout and obviously because it is the beginning of Lent.

We finished our tomb today and it is always so interesting that questions that are brought up. Today we had a conversation about why there were 3 crosses and why they chose that type of punishment for robbers.

All you need to make it is a large round pot for the base, a smaller pot for the tomb, a large rock, some dirt and grass seed. You can add flowers if you want too. Fill the large pot with dirt, place the smaller pot on it’s side and cover the opening with a large rock. Sprinkle grass seed around and use sticks to make the 3 crosses. I wake up early on Easter Sunday and remove the rock and lay a piece of white cloth inside to signify that “He has risen!”

On another note, I have really started to love the Easter season so much; more so than Christmas. It just lends itself as being such a reflective season and I love that. It is the one season that just moves my heart so much. We have changed our Easter traditions a little bit in the last few years and don’t do Easter baskets anymore. Last year, I gave little man some carefully chosen books for Easter and that will be our tradition from now on. I can deal with Santa, but something about the Easter bunny really rubs me the wrong way!

*UPDATE…Please share your tomb pictures if you end up making one this season!

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I Love Martha



I helped throw a friend a baby shower this weekend and instead of doing a diaper cake, I decided to try my hand at this craft I had seen on Martha Stewart a few months ago. I ended up finding this cute little felt “pot” at Target in the dollar bins and tweaked the design a little and made it more my own. I really love how it turned out.

This is what is inside:

2 onesies

3 socks

2 bibs

1 baby hat

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What I’m Dreaming Of


I have this horrible corner in our living room/playroom/office that I have dubbed my crafting area. I would post a picture of it, but it looks so bad right now; piled high with tons of projects to do and those done.

After thinking and thinking about the space I wanted to create, I finally figured out what I want and this is it! This is a picture from Cottage Magpie’s blog and I just love and am so jealous of her space. I told my dear sweet hubbie that this is what I want for my birthday! Cross your fingers. Hopefully I’ll post pictures of my new sewing/crafting spot in the coming months.

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