A Bulldog and a Turtle Walk into a Bar…

Ok, no joke here but I thought it was a clever title???


Here is Rebecka‘s turtle onesie that she had requested as the winner of my first give-away. I am trying a new turtle design, hope you like it! (it’s in the mail tomorrow btw)


But I am completely proud of this bulldog. Many times I take my designs from coloring books (aka free to copy) but this time I couldn’t find a “free” image of a bulldog. So as not to have the Georgia Bulldogs legal people coming after me I figured that I would have to just draw one myself. I had a few to look at to get ideas from, but this one is a tried and true original drawing by yours truly. This was a custom request from the Boutique in town and I am pretty psyched about it.

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My Ignorance

In my ignorance I thought that it would be possible to sell my onesies through this blog…guess again. I’m learning something new everyday in blogland.

I’m still researching other options besides going back on etsy. Advice is greatly appreciated!

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And the Winner Is…


I had great intentions of writing everyones name in a hat and having my little Rooster picking out a name and then taking one of those cute pics of him holding the name in his hand…but alas he and dad are at the dump! 🙂 So I used the Custom Random Number Generator from mathgoodies.com.

Comment number eight…Rebecka from Blueflower Treasures. Congratulations! I must say I was blown away by all the comments and people that I knew and many of those I didn’t know who left such sweet comments. Also, so many book recommendations! I’m never going to get caught up on my sewing!

Pop me an email Ms. Rebecka to let me know what design you would like (see Boutique page) and what size onesie (up to 12 months) you would like. (birdseyedavis@gmail.com)

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Give Away Count Down


You’ve only got a few more hours to enter in our first give away! I am so excited about all the comments! How fun to see all these people that have been reading (books and this blog!)

I’m drawing a name tomorrow (Saturday) morning!

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Daisyeyes Give Away

I’ve often wanted to do a give away but didn’t really have the guts to do it. What if only like 3 people leave comments??? Oh well, then better odds for them. So, here goes:

In honor of it being nearly the middle of summer and honestly too darn hot to move I am giving away one custom onesie. You can choose the picture you want (see boutique page) and the size you want.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what book you are reading now, want to read or just read. (I’m a crazy reader which lately has gotten in the way of my sewing time…my sweet friend has gotten me hooked on all these Boleyn novels and I can’t put them down!)

I’ll draw for a winner on Saturday.

Good luck! (here’s hoping more than 3 people read this blog!)

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