Turning over an Old Leaf

A few weeks ago I received a comment from mamapedia voices to submit a post to them and was sort of shocked that my little spot got picked up from someone other than the 5 friends that read this little blog.

Then last weekend I got a call from a local consignment boutique that wanted me to try some of my handmade things in their shop. Needless to say all of this attention made my head swell (haha, just kidding). Really it just made me shake my head and say, “why NOW!!!??”

But, on the flip side I can see why this is a perfect time to take on these new ventures. The writing and crafting would surely suffer in the end (and me with it) and these offer me some accountability with both of those things which are great life balancers for me.

A submission for Mamapedia is still brewing in my head, but I am on the move with some things already in the shop. I have pretty much sold out of inventory at the Cupcake shop and I am moving what is left to the new shop. All that to say, if you are local you can now find my hand embroidered baby things, coffee cosies, capes and other new things at Jack and Jill.

And while you are there, check out my friend Emily‘s handmade children’s clothing and baby stuff. It’s AMAZING!

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Christmas Embroidery

The retreat I went on this past weekend was full of highs and lows, but one of the highs was getting these two projects done. I’ve been trying to do a few Christmas things to have at the boutique and I think these are the last 2 that are going to get completed. (I’ve got too many gifts on my plate yet to make!). I love how they both turned out.

santa onesie

This is a long sleeve onesie with Mr. Ho Ho Ho on it (as little chick calls him).

candy cane bloomers

And these are some sweet little bloomers.

And if you are curious, they are laying on some more of Amy Karol’s clutches that I made yesterday for Little Rooster’s teachers and some lucky family members.

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Princess Capes

Princess capes

A friend commissioned me to make a princess cape for a Christmas gift. I ended up having enough to do one for her and one for the boutique.

princess cape jewel close up

Instead of a snap or velcro like I had done in the past, I decided to get some jeweled buttons and add those to close the neck…to add that little glitz every princess must have.

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To Market, To Market


This morning was my first attempt, experience, whatever at being a craft vendor. Kudos to all those who do this every week! Wow! It was a great experience, I made some good contacts (I hope) and made a little money (always good!) and got a little bit of sewing done too. I think I had some good, positive feedback and hopefully will be invited back again, although I think it might be next spring when the market opens again.


All that was left (minus some custom stuff) is making it’s way to the boutique in town. My inventory has been SO long there so this Farmer’s Market has been great incentive to build up my supply. Until next market time, I am so happy to have this off my to-do list and so very happy to get working on some new dresses for my little chick and some other “fun” stuff.


Stay tuned for some new projects hopefully coming in the next couple of weeks!

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It is now t-minus 4 days and counting until I have my first try at being a craft vendor. I have a few more embroidery projects I hope to complete before then, but I had a huge sigh of relief today when I finished up these last few sewing projects.

road trip onesie

Here is an applique onesie with what is probably my most favorite fabric. It is Heather Ross and I can’t remember the name of the fabric but it’s just awesome. I originally bought it for my hubbie and made his lunch bag out of it. I am trying to use up every last scrap possible because I can’t bear to throw any of it away!

pencil rolls1

I made up a few pencil rolls too. This is all such awesome fabric too and all donated scraps from friends. Gotta love that!

Lion Bib close up

Lion Bib

And last is another baby bib. This is probably my most favorite thing I’ve embroidered in a long time. I just love how the lion turned out!

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