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some vintage goodness

Back in the Fall one of my sweet cousins sent me an amazing box filled with all sorts of goodies that my grandmother had saved: A box of amazing paper goodness was wrapped up in this great little quilt (which was quickly claimed by my son) and it’s been so much fun going through all these papers over and over again.

Probably my most favorite thing in this box so far is all the awesome vintage postcards. There are postcards in there postmarked from 1919 and even earlier. Most of them are written in Norwegian (my grandparents native language) and so I really don’t know what’s written but the fact that they are in such amazing shape after so long is just awesome.

I pulled out a few of my favorite last night and thought it would be fun to share some of the great illustrations.

First off was this little book I found. It’s missing the cover and many of the pages so I can’t really get the gist of the story, but I totally love the illustrations. These are two of my favorites.

Family postcards circa early 1920s

The mouse in the top hat is just the coolest ever.

Family postcards circa early 1920s


I came across this little good luck postcard and thought it was pretty cool too.

Family postcards circa early 1920s

I especially love the little poem on the front. If only I could translate the words on the back to know what they were wishing good luck for!

My son, the avid fisherman, loved this one

Family postcards circa early 1920s

and we are looking into ways to frame this one and another fishing related one to hang in his room.

And lastly, this is one of my absolute favorites:

Family postcards circa early 1920s

Wouldn’t you just love to be that woman?

Hopefully in the coming months I can pull out some more and share the awesome illustrations. What’s probably the craziest is that most of the oldest postcards aren’t just flat. They are almost all embossed paper with just amazing graphics.

before & after

my lovely orange table: before

orange table AFTER

I’ve never had a “true” coffee table before…now to figure out what to put on it, besides magazines and books! I’m still thinking I might add some embellishments to it. Just not sure what.

an antique home run

Yesterday we ventured up to my cousin’s house, which is truly in the middle of no-where. I’m learning, though, that middle of no-where towns often have the best antique stores. It’s become the tradition to visit this one store in particular every year when we venture up for the holiday gathering. Last year I got the little stool that has become my embroidery headquarters; this year I hit the jackpot.

New Bed

The biggest purchase was a new wooden bed for the chick. We finally got rid of the oh-so-fun, but obnoxious loft bed from Ikea. It’s been a great, fun bed for both my kids, but it was time to go. I’ve been on the craigslist hunt for the past few weeks for a new bed for the girl with no success. I walked into this antique store and there this bed sat…it was white, it was cheap and it was complete. Needless to say I snatched it up. It needs to be painted at least one more coat (I’m thinking antique white with a little distressing) come spring, but until then it sits in the chick’s room. I love it. I especially love that it was $40!!!

Chicken Run Tray

Ice Cream Tray

Horse Tray
I also found these awesome trays. They are from the Kentley company and my cousin and I are thinking maybe they were given out when you bought a new car? That is some research for another day. Not sure where I’m going to hang them, but I love this kind of funky “folk” art.


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to start reducing the amount of plastic plates and storage stuff in our kitchen. I’m starting to buy up fun bowls and plates for the kids to use and I found these perfect little cereal bowls.

Pepsi Box
(sorry for the blurry picture…here’s hoping for a new camera for Christmas)
Last was this Pepsi box I found to hang in the Rooster’s room. He’s a collector and I’ve been longing to find one of these divided boxes for him to put all his treasures in (instead of all over every flat purpose in his room!)


And the total price of all the goodies??? Less than $100!