saving face…

In an effort to make sure that I’m always on the up and up, I share this little bit of background information in order to save face a little bit.


Ages ago when I joined Pinterest I saw a really cute printable that had been pinned with this quote on it. At that point, I wasn’t in the habit of checking links or anything along those lines (which I do know almost religiously and encourage everyone to practice responsible pinning!) I had no intention of copying the design, I merely wanted to stitch a version of the quote.


I usually do make a habit of researching a quote before I design something to make sure that I can give credit due to the speaker. This time around, I didn’t do that. I guess in the back of my mind I was thinking that if it was a specific quote from someone, the printable would have had the speaker’s name on it.


I came to find out later that this quote was indeed spoken by a person who was seeking her name attributed to her words. No issue from me at all. Per her request, I pulled my listing down and recently the pin was pulled off Pinterest too.

I share all this just to make known that I had no intention of “stealing” someone’s artwork or words. I think as artists we all take bits and pieces of what we see all around us and hodpodge it all together to make something new that is every bit our own. I do admit fully that there are people out there who are actively copying other people’s art, but I want no part of it.

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supporting adoption

I’ve had these adoption embroideries designed for probably the past six months and finally was able to get them done this summer. I’m crazy happy with how they turned out.

new adoption embroideries

While I’ve done a few embroidery items focused on the country of Africa, I have wanted to move towards offering some items that are for other countries as well. With these new sets, you have a choice of



or Haiti



There are two options for stitching: either the outline of the country or a hand appliqued outline of the country. Buyers also have a choice of 6 different colorways in this fun American Jane fabric.



Why adoption themed embroideries and why “love finds a way”? I’m surrounded by amazing friends who have answered the call to adopt from foreign countries. I’ve had the privilege of walking this road of almost 8 years for some. It is filled with blessing, but also such trial. And the way all of these friends persevered through it was through love. Love for these children that they knew the Lord had placed in their care. These embroideries are a tribute to those friends and all the many others out there that have walked the same path.

If you didn’t know it, this year I’m giving a portion of all my sales to Lola Children’s Home in Ethiopia. When you buy from daisyeyes handmade, you are helping to support the vision of Abebe Fantahun who started a home for HIV+ orphans and their siblings. So far I have been able to give nearly $80 of my profits to help support this ministry. I’m thankful for the ability to give out of the blessings that God has given me.

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pure joy

I can be a pretty serious person. I take things to close to heart and can become pretty defensive, pretty quickly. God brought a husband into my life that is crazy silly. And I’ve spent so many years not really appreciating that in him. I’ve spent too many years missing things because of this seriousness that leads to clenched hands trying to grasp control.

Embroidered pendants

Last night I welcomed home my closest friend and her new little beauty from overseas. There is something about waiting for someone in an airport that you haven’t seen or talked to for weeks; added to the fact that you finally get to meet this little person that we’ve all been anxiously praying for for years and years. It was about as close to pure joy as you can get.

Embroidered pendants

I’m reading Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson. It’s a super book so far, totally refreshing to read no matter what stage of parenting you are in, but it’s Sally Clarkson that reminds me that the seriousness in me is so smothering. It smothers the freedom and joy that I can have when I wake up every day anticipating life just as I kept looking through those glass doors last night for a glimpse of my friend.

Last night was a great reminder that despite what horribleness happens in the world (oh, how we are praying for Oklahoma) everyday is filled with anticipation. And we have a choice to take that anticipation with stoic seriousness or to open ourselves up to trust.

It’s a chance for us to shower our families, our callings, our anything with grace and joy. His grace and joy.

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I’m hoping to showcase a few new items in the shop over the next week or so, but the biggest news (and the one I’m most excited for) is my ability to donate part of purchases. The Lord has blessed me beyond belief to be able to stay at home and grow this business. Last year was amazing and I’m beyond excited about what is going to happen this year.

One way that I am giving back this year is by donating a portion of all sales to Lola Children’s Home in Mekele, Ethiopia.


Why Lola Children’s Home?
I found out about Lola’s via our church and honestly it just seemed a good fit. While our family isn’t called at this point to adopt a child, we are still burdened for orphans and this is one way that we are seeking to support orphan care. The story of Abebe Fantahun is incredibly inspiring and I’m so excited to be able to give back a tiny bit of what God is blessing me with.


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hello there {thursday threads} and a give away!

thursday threads

It feels like years since I did a thursday threads post! I’ve been swamped for the past month or so with some crazy big orders and this week I’ve had the chance to catch my breath. As my friend said, it’s “feast or famine” over here. And honestly as grateful as I am for the way that my little etsy shop is contributing to our family (and my ability to stay home) it sure is nice to have a little breather!

I’ve got a few things on my table and on my needle starting this week. A couple things for the shop, a fundraising sort of holiday sale I’m going to participate in and some holiday gifts for family.

First up is a new adoption embroidery that I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I saw this quote on Pinterest a loooooong time ago and have loved it ever since. This is a gender neutral version that could hopefully hang in a nursery for either a boy or girl or even just in your home. Can’t wait to share the finished project!


Second up are these felt gingerbread houses. The pattern comes from umecraft shop on etsy (she is generous enough to allow you to make and sell items from her patterns!) and it’s totally a stretch for me but something I’ve been wanting to tackle for a long time. I’m hoping if these gingerbread houses are a success, I can modify the pattern and make some little storybook houses with peg doll characters next year. The that I love about these is that they are reusable. I know that decorating a real, food gingerbread house is fun, but it drives me crazy to spend all that money on food and let it sit there for weeks and then throw it away! This way you get the fun year after year and it’s good for all ages!


children's embroidery kit: pinks

Another new item I was able to finish this week are these sewing/hand embroidery kits for young children. I’ve had the idea for these stored up in my head for a while and I’m still tinkering with the results, but after a test run with my 5 year old they are ready to go! It is such a joy to see something that I’ve dreamed up in my head come to life. I’m super proud of these and I am so excited to share them that I’m offering a give away of one set. Just leave a comment by Friday, November 9 at midnight and I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner on Saturday.


Camera WIP

Last up is this camera embroidery for my brother. It’s time to start stitching holiday gifts and this is the first in line! The pattern is from Urban Threads. I’m planning on doing the whole thing in black, but changing up the types of thread (linen, cotton and cotton pearl) and stitch thickness (aka 1 v. 3 strands).

That’s about it! Whew!
Don’t forget about the give away!!!

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