I am a woman creeping closer and closer to 40.

A wife and momma (or ma-maaa! as my children say, usually when I’m blowing drying my hair or vacumming…they think I have super-sonic hearing!).

I am married to a servant-hearted man who puts me to shame with his love and care for others. He loves to create things with his hands, in particular anything with wood, and if I could give him anything it would be tools and time to create.


I have a Little Rooster who I am in denial of his age and is full of life. His imagination is amazing and his ability to learn and soak up information amazes me every day. God created him and placed him in my life because he is just like me and boy is that hard to live with!

I also have a Little Chick who is has graced our lives with her presence for  going on 8 years.  There are days I don’t know where she came from because she is so many elements of what I wish I was and am too scared to be. God created her and placed her in my life to teach me to just let it all go. She is full of life, energy and love.

I love to create…either through sewing or writing. I feel an amazing energy when I am working on something and to finally see something created that has been in your thoughts for months is one of the most amazing pieces of joy you can have. God has given me an amazing opportunity to create a business doing what I love and I blog about that here.

When I’m not stitching, I love to write. I feel like I hid away that part of me and I’m finally starting to let that piece of my heart reawaken.

Above all, I am seeking to live my life to the fullest.

I am seeking to love those fully that are placed around me to be real with those people that the Lord has blessed me with.

I hope that you find a piece of that real here.


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