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I turned 40 on April 2, 2015 and these are the things I challenged myself to do during my 40th year.


1. 40 day social media and shop sabbatical – April 2-May 11
2. Complete a Climbing wall
3. Hair color – full highlights
4. Facial
5. Try sushi
6. Go to a wine tasting
7. Go to trivia night with friends
8. Run/walk more often- aka get outside every day
9. Get a makeover – makeup
10. Sew a dress for myself
11. Sew something with the Anna Maria Horner velour I’ve had stashed
12. Go to Biltmore {4/18}
13. Start an Alabama Chanin project
14. Sign up for a real art class
15. See a non kid theater movie 4x (Saw Mr. Holmes)
16. See another play (saw Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
17. Go to The Peter Kern Library at the Oliver Hotel
18. Get a tiny tattoo
19. Get a massage 4x {4/9}
20. Coffee date with myself and a good book and journal 1x a month
21. Start a weaving
22. Buy a pair of real rain boots 3/10/15
23. Go on a hike
24. Go to a music concert
25. Do a mixed media fiber art project
26. Plant some type of veggie garden
27. Climb a tree
28. Go to a different flea market than nashville
29. Wear more scarves and accessories
30. Try some real lipstick
31. Girls night out 4x
32. Weekend away with larry
33. Girls weekend away
34. Stay up late and watch the tonight show
35. Try a hot yoga class
36. Get in a hot tub 3/13/15
37. Go horseback riding
38. Write a short story
39. Go snow skiing
40. Visit NYC


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