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We live in a culture that is focused on me. Stealing an illustration from a book I’m reading; it is like using a compass that doesn’t have a center and the whole time I am trying to figure out which direction to go the compass is pointing at me. I’m told that in order to figure out who I am supposed to be or which direction I should go, I just need to look inside myself and see what feels right.
But when you look back into ancient writings, specifically Aristotle, you see quickly that this will get us nowhere. We will never know where we are going or where we are supposed to go without a center grounding us. We need virtue.
Life ultimately can’t be about being this one specific thing or finding this one specific calling. It has to be about moving out of that center grounding in the direction that the arrow is pointing; which may very well be the opposite direction I feel like is right.
There is a scene in Dicken’s Little Dorrit that I love so much. Little Dorrit standing at the doorway of their prison rooms looking out and her father chastises her that she better not defy him and leave him alone. She declares that she never would, but that it is very, very hard.
This is my every day. My affections are so out of order; my compass is so off its center, that it is very, very hard to follow that arrow when it does point in directions I don’t like.
Ultimately though, most often I am called to move towards arrows that are pointing away from what seems “natural” or “normal” because that is where we find ourselves walking on water in the midst of a storm or holding out our hands to a lame man that can now walk.

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