hope writer life {start} 9.23

I’m attempting to join in on this 10 day challenge to write every day based on a prompt from hopewriters on instagram.


I have a folder on my computer that is labeled “writing”. It is filled with a few journal files that I’ve contributed to off and on over the past few years, finished articles that have actually been submitted and published online in other places than this place and so many half starts. It is the half starts that are so interesting to read; like prayers that are lifted up and then forgotten I’d even prayed. Writing for me was always a way to respond to the thoughts and emotions spilling and mixing around in my head and heart. But then for a long block of time I couldn’t write at all. A season of life entered and I found that the thoughts and emotions were so confusing that I couldn’t make sense of them in any way. It’s taken years and so many half starts, so many half written lines even, to find my way back to the world of words. I feel this awakening starting to happen. I feel this fog starting to lift. I think I’ve been under a veil that I could only partially see through. I couldn’t make sense of what was happening even though I kept trying so hard to see through it. Finally, I’m brave enough to lift it and start looking out from under it again. Here’s to new starts.

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