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As a former math teacher, the one lesson I always loved to teach was about the different types of angles. Angles are simple. They are exact and they follow certain rules. They are easily defined and categorized. Follow the rules and the unknowns can be known.

Angles are completely opposite of real life. We can have all sorts of missing answers in our lives and there is rarely a simple formula to solve them.

I’m a control freak and I like nothing more than taking on a problem and figuring out the solution. Ask me to wait and not respond and I’m in a place that I do not find comfortable. We often find ourselves in situations where we can see some of the measurements and we just need to know this one other number and we can solve the problem. But oftentimes that number doesn’t make itself known.

In Acts the apostles had to wait. They waited 10 days between the ascension of Jesus and the coming of the promised Holy Spirit. Jesus had ordered them to wait; they were waiting for that missing measure so they could solve the equation. In this waiting, in this period of the missing angle, what did they do? Did the panic like I tend to do? Did the run through all the different scenarios? Did they wake up in the depths of the night freaking out?

They prayed. They were obedient to the command of Jesus to stay put.

Angles are interesting shapes. They have tiny spaces where you can crawl into and hide, but they also have wide open spaces where you have to be seen. I like to think the apostles crawled into that little space while they prayed and waited, but then when Pentacost came they walked out into the open parts of the angle and their mission started. The equation was solved.

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