Journal: Edenic Moments

I heard a word yesterday in a podcast: “Edenic”. It distracted me so much that I couldn’t really focus for the rest of the time listening.

Edenic relates to those moments in our lives that are just perfect. Where you are sitting in a moment of sincere peace and happiness. We all have those moments in our lives, where you feel in essence that you are fulfilling that original calling; that you are sitting in the midst of Eden.

In the beginning, when God created the world and the Garden and put people in it; it was perfection. There was a comfort and peace and a central core of happiness that they were doing and being exactly what God had created them to be. But after the Fall, that central core was crushed and we would spend the rest of our lives struggling to find that sense of contentment again. In this life, living east of Eden, we are all constantly striving to be happy again.

This podcast reminded me that God gives us those moments where we get a taste of what it was like – what it is supposed to be like. An Edenic moment.

Not long after we moved into our current house, I was on my way home after walking both my children to school. I came walking down the sidewalk on our street and looking down I saw all the trees with their leaves glowing in their Fall splendor. Yellows, reds, greens just glowing. The sky was a clear, crisp blue. The park spread out over to my right, this house standing in front of me, that was everything we had wanted for so long, was ours and I was just amazed. It was a true Edenic moment.

I know that I’ve felt that way throughout my life – getting married, the birth of my children, sitting on the couch with friends sharing memories. All these moments are there to point us back to Him. As a reminder that there is redemption coming. Just like in those tiny moments that point us back to that person we are meant to be, God uses these to remind us that while we aren’t there yet, we will be.

Christmas is a time to remember that incarnation. That one moment of perfection with God came down. He came down into dirty and noisy and into a world that was crushing under the weight of it’s sin. But into that, He came. To deliver us and remind us that perfection is coming again. We will all be what he has given us glimpses of.

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