Sewing: School of Sewing Class

This Saturday I am embarking on teaching my second all day School of Sewing class. The class is basically a combination of 3 classes that I’ve taught over the past few years for adults: pattern reading, get to know your sewing machine and a simple sewing 101 for adults. It’s a six hour session where we start out at the very beginning and work our way through so much information and end with making simple elastic skirts.

School of Sewing 2016 spring

I combined information from the excellent book by Shea Henderson called School of Sewing and Abby Glassenberg’s also excellent Get to Know Your Sewing Machine e-book along with my own experience and some help from other blogs online and created this packet that I use for teaching my class.

School of Sewing 2016 Spring

One of my favorite parts of the class it talking through pattern envelopes, different types of fabrics and just general fabric vocabulary.

School of Sewing 2016 spring

I created this interactive activity where each person receives a set of fabric squares and other fabrics making this a hands on activity. There’s nothing like being able to actually touch the different types of something that makes learning a little bit easier. I’ve also found that talking through the different vocabulary of fabric (grainline, selvage, bias etc) is most helpful when students can actually hold the bias and pull it etc.

Interested in working through the packet yourself or even sharing it with your own class? Here’s a schoolofsewingpacket just for you!

And because I have to say it – please don’t copy these and sell them.

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