Embroidery: Free Form Flowers

September 14, 2016


After working so many months on my Jars Series, I needed a more simple project. I decided to work on my embroidered flowers techniques so I grabbed some fabric and a hoop and just started stitching. I started out with this one group of flowers in the middle – practicing some stem stitches, working with different numbers of threads and then laying lazy daisy stitches on top of one another.


Then I started adding some random little yellow flowers (really a mix of lazy daisies and brick stitches) and some woven wheel roses.


At that point I went online and started nosing around at some floral illustrations for some flower and leaf ideas. The rest of the hoop is an amalgamation of those ideas. Probably my favorite of the whole group is the leaf vine on the left side. I stitched this by couching down some strands of wool embroidery floss and then adding some satin stitched leaves.

I had some fun with my macro lense when I was done and took some super close ups. It’s crazy to see the fibers and your stitches at such a close up range!


The hoop measures 8 inches and is stitched on this faux white linen. I used a mix of standard divisible cotton floss – with different divisions – and some d’Aubusson wool threads. I’m working on transferring this to a pretty intensive embroidery pattern plus maybe a private video series. Embroidered flowers are all the rage and honestly are one of the most rewarding things to stitch – and the ideas are limitless. Kind of like nature!

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