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Embroidery: Custom orders

August 4, 2016

While I am taking somewhat of a hiatus with custom embroidery orders right now, I recently finished up the last of the orders I had from this summer.
Here’s a little peek at them.

A custom birth announcement. The coolest thing about this one is that it is the 3rd I’ve done for this family. I did two last year for a pair of sisters and their family welcomed another baby girl this spring. It was such a gift to be asked to create this third for the trio.



A 50th anniversary. I had a daughter come to me and ask for a custom 50th anniversary portrait. This one was based on the one I did a couple of years ago for my aunt and uncle’s 60th. I even was able to find a matching metal oval hoop!


The theme for this one was daisies. So I had fun stitching loads and loads of lazy daisies!


Here’s a close up of the bride and groom.



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