Embroidery: Inch Stitch Along

One of the highlights of last year was the opportunity to be a part of the &stitches crew. After much discussion, the blog was shut down this year (the archives still remain) and it has been such a joy to get to know these ladies and even though we aren’t officially stitching together anymore I know we’ll stay in touch. Even though the blog is stagnant now, we all agreed that we wanted to go ahead with our little stitch along that we had been planning behind the scenes. Each of the crew has taken a few days throughout this year to present their prompts for this little stitch along. It’s meant to be a quick one, just filling in one little inch square and inching along in stretching your embroidery muscles.

The original post with the template is here along with links to the first 4 prompts. Today I bring you prompt 5…

stitch with something other than standard 6 strand floss!


Here are a few options that I pulled from my thread stash (starting on the left)
hand dyed cotton perle
wool thread
silk thread
and on the end is the standard, divisible thread that you can’t use!

I used the silk thread and stitched an initial A for my first name.


Stitch along with us and branch out into the amazing world of threads!

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  1. Just wondering how you so nicely have this image (ironed on?) on your fabric? Do you have a recommendation for a printable iron on fabric brand that you love?

    1. It is a washaway printer sheet that irons on. The one I used for this is by Pellon. I found it at Joanns fabrics. I’m not super fond of it but for something like this it works pretty well.

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