Wardrobe Architect: Introduction


The Colette blog has been running a series for the past few years called Wardrobe Architect. I’ve followed it on and off, but never put forth the effort to actually do it. This year, Christine Haynes has started her own Wardrobe Architect series following the Colette worksheets etc and I’m not sure if it’s the way she’s approached it or if it is was just the motivation I need to bring some organization to my closet, but I’m on it.

While I would love to say I’m going to have the same level of organization and planning with posts as these two, I’m know I won’t. I’ve got great intentions to post about it at least twice a a month so I’m crossing my fingers.

Here’s a general overview of my plan:
Post 1: Introduction of the project
Post 2: Making Style More Personal
Post 3: Defining a Core Style
Post 4: Exploring Shapes
Post 5: Proportions & Silhouette
Post 6: My Color Story
Post 7: Organizing My Color Palette
Post 8: Exploring Solids versus Prints
Post 9: Hair, Makeup & Beauty
Post 10: Planning My Pieces to Buy
Post 11: Planning My Pieces to Sew
Post 12: Adding Accessories

There is so much out there on the web these days about a Capsule Wardrobe and I’m not really planning to whittle my closet down to a certain number of items. I really just want a closet full of clothes that fit me well, that are well made, that aren’t 10+ years old and totally faded out and actually go together. I’m so tired of looking at my closet and just being frustrated because nothing coordinates well.

I want to be able to make better choices when I do go shopping, not just based on some random shirt that I love, but purchasing something because I know it will compliment the items I already have. This also goes along with buying fabric and patterns. I tend to buy a pattern without really thinking about it and then it sits unused for ages. Or I buy some fabric and never really use it. I want to be more intentional about my sewing and my purchasing.

You can find the original series through the link above, I will also link to available worksheets that Colette has provided for certain stages as I post. I’ve also started a Pinterest board just for this project too if you want to follow along over there.

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