Sewing: Fails and Frustrations

I’ve not done a whole lot in the past year with personal sewing. There are so many amazing patterns out there and the idea of sewing your own capsule wardrobe is something that I would totally love to do. In an effort to stretch my sewing muscles I worked on a few new to me sort of projects this winter.

Winter 2016: Sewing Fails and Frustrations

I’ve had this awesome velour by Anna Maria Horner stashed away for like years and I got the idea that I wanted to make a cape with it. I searched around for some cape patterns and settled on the Woodland Stroll pattern from Leisl & Co. I picked it for many reasons, but ultimately because it looked as if it had pretty simple lines. I decided not to put a typical coat lining in it, but decided to use up some of my fabric scraps and pieced together an interesting inside. Everything pretty much came together until it was time to do the buttons. I could not for the life of me figure out how to do the buttons on the front – and the ones under my arms forget it. I kept coming back to it, trying it on, seeing if I could figure out how to make it work and totally couldn’t. So, I’ve stuck it into a pile and I don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Thankfully it didn’t use up all my velour so I’ve got some redemption with it hopefully later.

Next up, I have been dying for a corduroy mini skirt and after ordering the wrong fabric I settled upon this red corduroy from fabricworm. It feels great and it’s super easy to sew. I’ve been eyeing this Moss skirt pattern by Grainline Patterns so I decided to try my hand at it. Everything with it was going great with it until I got to the fly front. To be fair, this is only the second time I’ve attempted one of these and honestly I’m so at a loss. Again, I’ve continued to set it aside, come back to it and now it too is stacked on the edge of my table for a later date.

I’ve been pondering the disappointment, frustration and shame that this gives me. To start two projects that I have to set aside…how can I be a sewing teaching and yet keep failing at the things I’m trying to sew? But I kept coming back to the idea that any skill worth having takes practice and grows. I know a million times more than I did 2 years ago and if I keep practicing and steadily plugging along – through the ups and downs – that’s where learning really happens. And who wants a teacher who knows it all anyhow? The best teachers are the ones who learn alongside you. In my opinion.

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