Sewing: Dottie angel frock {pattern review}

I realized the other day I never wrote up about this pattern! For weeks I kept seeing this come up in my instagram feed and I was finally able to get my hands on the pattern a few months ago. It’s a Simplicity pattern and was all the rage this past spring.

dottie angel frock

A friend of mine gifted me with a couple of huge bags of fabric and most of the fabric for this frock came from her.

dotie angel frock

I honestly really love this dress, but I feel a little off wearing it. It’s one of those things that I want it to be my style, but it’s so different than what I normally wear that it makes me feel like I’m wearing a billboard that says “I made this.”

The pattern overall is pretty simply made, but the construction is different than anything I’ve ever sewn. It runs pretty large and if I make another one I will definitely size down. The sleeve construction is really different and I almost want to sew it again just to try those over. The inside of the pattern has you covering up almost all the seams with bias tape. This ended up being really laborious and honestly not worth it. I understand the reasoning why and it really does look cool, but ugg…so not worth it.

The neck ended up being super, super wide on me and while I did take some of it apart and try to bring it in, it’s still really large.

dottie angel frock

The pockets are probably my favorite part. I love the mix of fabrics and how they all came together. They are a little large. Overall, I am not going to toss this pattern and I really want to give it another go. Maybe I’ll go for some fabrics that are a little less loud. 🙂

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