Custom Embroidery: 50th anniversary hoop

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December. My mom was expecting some sort of embroidered hoop and while the freedom to make something completely as I want is awesome it can also be overwhelming. I sketched through so many different ideas and eventually came up with this one. I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing portraits with little frames for a while and I felt like now would be a good time to practice.


I kind of have a love/hate relationship with embroidered flowers. In my little instagram world it seems like everyone is stitching up flowers and words and I’ve got this thing about not wanting to go with the flow – call me a salmon. But I have to admit that they are fun to do and can really look amazing when you are done.


For my mom’s veil I knew I wanted to try something a little dimensional. I am trying hard this year to use the supplies that I have on hand instead of running to Michael’s every five minutes. I had some organza ribbon on hand, so I folded it a little, made a gathering stitch, added some french knot flowers and voila – a veil! I love how to turned out. I tacked it down on the bottom with a little bit of machine sewing thread.


Here they are in all their 50 year younger self glory 🙂

threads used:
green and black d’aubusson wool – for the vines & frames
white and black coton a broder – for the text and his tux & french knot flowers in veil
cream londonderry linen – for her wedding dress outline
black cotton pearl size 8 – for the banner frames
standard dmc in a variety of colors
dmc linen for flowers

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