Learning to Sew: American Girl Sewing Camp

Yesterday I wrapped up my last summer sewing camp.
We had a blast making all sorts of great things for our dolls and what a sweet group of girls I had to teach!

Sewing camp 2015. American girl doll 

Here’s a recap of our week.


Day One: A Sleepover

We made sleeping bags (tutorial here) for our dolls, repurposed onesies as nightgowns, crafted donuts etc out of clay (because every sleepover ends with donuts right?) and even some little pillows for our dolls.

Sewing camp 2015. American girl doll

How to repurpose a onesie for your doll:

First up, get your hands on a newborn or size 3 month onesie (newborn works best).
Starting at the ribbing part where the legs go through, cut straight across to the other side. (some of the girls thought these made great panties for your dolls if you leave the snaps snapped!)
Next, put the onesie on your doll and see where you need to cut the sleeves. Make your sleeves short or long depending on how short you cut them.
Then take off your onesie, add some felt flowers, stars, buttons, hearts or anything else you want to add a little bling to your nightgown.
Put it on your doll and kiss her goodnight.


Day Two: School Days

Today we made pillowcase dresses (tutorial here), mini clipboards, desks with stools and mini totebags.

Sewing camp 2015. American girl doll

How to Make a Desk for your Doll

Grab a couple of wooden letters from your local craft store. While you are there, also get a piece of wood that measures roughly 5×12 and a box for your stool. Use a little hot glue (or wood glue) and glue the top to the letters. Decorate your wood top with paint, washi tape, sharpies and stickers. Do the same with your little box and voila! A desk for your doll!

Day Three: Career Day

We made aprons (tutorial here), oven mitts, hospital gowns (tutorial here), felt stethocopes and “frosted” cookies.

American girl camp 2015

How to Make Frosted Cookies
You will need some small wooden hearts, circles and/or stars (you can find these in the unfinished wood aisle of most craft stores), some white puffy paint and some seed beads. Take your puffy paint and paint some “icing” on the top of your wooden cookies. Sprinkle the beads on top of your wet paint for sprinkles and let dry for at least 24 hours.

Day Four: The Great Outdoors

We made hammocks (with these rockin’ stands made by my husband – coming to etsy soon!), s’mores, beach blankets, a sand pail and a beach bag made from recycled capri suns.

American girl camp 2015

How to sew a s’more

Cut out 2 small squares from tan felt for the graham crackers. Cut out 2 smaller square from dark brown felt for the chocolate. Get a little puff of fiberfill stuffing for the marshmallow. Now you need some brown embroidery thread and a chenille 22 needle (these are the best bet for little hands) Stack your s’more like this: tan square + dark brown square + fiberfill stuffing + tan square. Then take your needle and make some little running stitches through all the layers of your s’more (these are called “seed stitches”) and enjoy!

Day Five: Brrrr!

We made toboggans (great tutorial here), mittens, scarves and mini Olaf’s

American girl sewing camp 2015American girl sewing camp 2015



And that was a wrap! What a great week we had!

p.s. (Check out my pinterest page for lots of other great AG doll craft ideas!)

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