pattern review {music box jumper} & {city gym shorts}

If you’ve followed my sewing adventures at all you know that I love Oliver and S. They are probably my favorite patterns to sew hands down. I’ve made at least half a dozen different garments designed by O + S and I thought this Music Box Jumper would be a piece of cake compared to some of the other patterns I’ve sewn. I was wrong.

O + S music box jumper

Don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty simple pattern. Just bodice pieces and skirt pieces – so not a lot to figure out how to construct. But for once I felt like the pattern directions were lacking. I mean, I’ve sewn pleats plenty of times, but it’s been a while and I don’t know how many times I reread the directions, pinned, pressed and then went back again because the pleats were off. They are still off on the finished dress, but at least they are off symmetrically!

Besides the pleats, I also felt like there was a step that I missed completely with the bodice. Maybe I just skipped over it when putting it together, but when I went to attach the bodice to the skirt they didn’t match up. I ended up taking out the center pleat a little to make it fit. But then when I went to make the facing for the buttons, I had to fold the bodice at the sides too – which didn’t seem correct. I’m not going to be quick to blame the pattern maker, because some of this could have been my own oversight, but I was a little frustrated when I was putting it together. Not my normal response when I’m sewing an O + S pattern.

Overall I don’t know that I would give this a one scissors rating. I really think it is a little bit of a tricky pattern to put together and if I was totally new to sewing and doing pleats, I would have been really frustrated by the directions.

O + S music box jumper

But…this fabric is divine and I really love how it turned out. This is Rae Hoekstra’s Lotus Pond collection for Cloud 9 and it feels lovely and lays so pretty. I will say that it leaves a mark though when you have to remove stitching. I don’t know if that’s a dye thing or what. I added some ric rac to the bodice and the hem and honestly that was the crowning mark. The chick loves it and so do I. Messed up pleats or not!


But because I like to finish off my sewing with something easy and successful, I decided to make a pair of shorts for my chick too. This is the free pattern by Purl Bee for their City Gym Shorts. I made a pair for myself a while back and they honestly are a weird fit for me. I think I’ll try again and make a size up. For my girl though, they ended up being perfect and a cinch to make. This fabric is some I had leftover from some other projects. The flowers are some Cloud 9 that was from JoAnns and the bias trim is Ed Emberley’s line from Cloud 9 too.

purl bee city gym shorts

The only hiccup I did have with these is that I think I mis-measured when I cut out the bias for the binding. It ended up being super skinny and a pain to sew on. Next time I’ll measure twice and cut once 🙂

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