sewing classes Spring 2015

I recently finished up my children’s sewing classes for the Spring last week and I thought I would share some photos.

Probably one of my favorite projects we do in the 101 class are these flower fairies. It never fails to amaze me the level of creativity that each girl puts into making these dolls.
sewing class - 101 leaf fairies
sewing 101 - leaf fairy dolls hula version
sewing 101 flower fairy doll + all

This is a great introductory project to use with learning the whipstitch!.


The 101 class also made these awesome cloud pillows. Every class is so different and some classes I let on the machines earlier and more than others. This group of girls advanced so quickly through the 101 skills that I let them sew the ribbons on with the machine and then they hand sewed a running stitch around the outside to complete their pillows.

sewing 101 cloud pillow

This was also the class where we made aprons as our introductory machine project. It was an awesome project where the girls came away with something to wear that they were able to construct themselves with a machine – which is always such a big thrill!


In the 201 class we made these bed pockets (tutorial to follow soon!)
book pocket - sewing class project
and it proved to be an awesome beginner project and one that I will definitely do again.


Like the fairy dolls in 101, I almost always do banners in 201 and I always love how they turn out too!
sewing class - 201 making banners

201 class

My classes ended up being a lot smaller this Spring and at first I was a little disappointed, but honestly it ended up being great and I was able to introduce some new projects. I had such a blast getting to know each of these girls and am so impressed with all that they learned!

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