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hello, 40

In a little over a week I’m turning 40. I have shared previously my list I have going for all the things I challenge myself to try and do during this 40th year. But coming up on April 2nd is probably the biggest, oddly scariest and more than likely the best gift I can give myself: I’m taking a respite.

For the first 40 days of my 40th year, I’m seeking to remove the distractions of the web-o-sphere and step away from my etsy shop for a while.

Here’s my plan:

1. The shop will be on vacation during those 40 days. While I will try to answer convos, I’m promising myself that I’ll hold strictly to a weekday – while the kids are at school – only policy. This is not what I do now. I answer convos all.the.time and hold myself highly to being that person that doesn’t make other people wait for an answer to their questions or request.

2. I’m taking instagram off my phone and pinterest off the ipad. While I can still access both of these things via our computer, it does make it a bit more obvious and tricky.

3. I’m deactivating facebook.

4. And I am reducing the blogs I have in feedly down to my top 3-5.

5. I am keeping this blog open and not silent. Merely because I need a place for my voice. I love to create with words and stitches and I long for this spot to again be a place where I can just share what I’m doing. Not because I am looking for high stats or comments or anything – but just because I need to get it out.

Now the why.

When I started blogging and sewing, there was no facebook, instagram, pinterest etc and the only “inspiration” I really found was in the few other bloggers that I knew of. I really felt like I was writing honestly and I was creating honestly. I was overjoyed at what I was making and felt so inspired by so many things actually in the real world. Now, I feel like when I sit and try to come up with a new pattern design or sew a dress or anything I can’t come up with something original. I’m terrified of copying someone, even if it’s totally unintentional, but all the visions of all the creations I see on the web are filling up my mind. All the words I read I’m not really reading. It’s like an amazing information overload and I need to step back from it and find my own voice again.
And in all honestly. I need a break.

But it’s scary in so many ways.
I’m closing my shop right in the middle of wedding season so I’m worried about losing all those customers.
I finally feel like I have a following on instagram and I’m worried about losing it – which seems so stupid and silly to see in words.
I’ve got my first sewcial to promote and how am I going to do that without being on social media!?

And I don’t want to miss anything.

But the truth is. I might miss things. I’m sure I’ll miss customers. But I know deep down that this is something that I need to do.

And I have to be honest too – I’m kind of looking forward to it.

One thought on “get ready…

  1. I think you are doing the right thing! How many times do we, as women and mothers and wives and daughters, put everyone else ahead of us, lest we let a “ball” fall from our juggling hands. I know in my own life, I did, read, experienced more of life before I got a computer. I am not as involved as you, but too much still for my life.
    I am going to join you in my own way. No more online game-playing for the 40 days. I get addicted to it easily and spend hours playing. Cutting down and deleting the blogs and newsletters. I have so many I don’t read them, I just skim and delete. I really only enjoy a few select, why not just keep the ones I really enjoy! I will limit my time online to one hour a day. No more checking e-mails multiple times a day.
    Now to write down my goals on paper and set it where I can see it to keep my mind on the reason for doing this…getting back my time and life.

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