taking stock…

Welcome March… and even though it’s supposed to rain all week, I’m super excited to see the number 60 in the temperatures 🙂

This little list was much harder than I thought it would be. But here goes: my attempt at taking stock on the right now.

Making : custom hand embroidered wedding vows
Cooking : homemade strawberry cereal bars (fail)
Drinking : nothing – although I need another cup of coffee right about now
Reading: Whose Body by Dorothy Sayer (so…slow…need…to..keep…reading…)
Wanting: a new Bosch stand mixer
Looking: at stupid stuff on the internet
Playing: Drew Holcomb – Medicine
Deciding: What we are going to do for our staycation during spring break next week
Wishing: That the sun would shine 🙂
Enjoying: The last few minutes before I have to pick up my kiddos
Waiting: For 2 appointments this week regarding my chick that I’m hoping will help us make some decision regarding her health and her schooling for next year
Liking: quietness (this is a themed yes…)
Wondering: what this Spring is going to be like
Loving: Trader Joes rice crackers
Pondering: how to balance all I want to do with all I have to do
Considering: homeschooling my chick next year
Buying: groceries (I feel like that’s all I buy)
Watching: Downton Abbey (and I’m kind of glad it’s almost over)
Hoping: I might see the sun tomorrow
Marvelling: the goodness of Jesus
Cringing: at the laundry I need to fold
Needing: to do more laundry
Questioning: if I should walk to get the kids or be lazy and drive
Smelling: my stinky dog
Wearing: my coat (because I’m COLD!)
Following: lots of new blogs lately
Noticing: that I do too much noticing
Knowing: that I need to slow down and savor more
Thinking: about how to manage my catch up to do list this week
Admiring: a web friend of mine who is launching something new and I’m eager to see it!
Sorting: my house – always sorting my house
Getting: ready to walk out the door and finish out this afternoon and evening (homework, dance, dinner and then bed!)
Bookmarking: lots of recipes
Coveting: my new fridge that is supposed to be here on Wednesday!!
Disliking: slow drivers
Opening: a package of supplies for my latest project
Giggling: over the silly jokes from last night
Feeling: a little overwhelmed – a little tired – but also a bit revived
Snacking: trying to lay off the carbs and snack on more fruit
Comforting: myself with some chocolate
Wishing: we could take a trip to the beach
Helping: my chick get ready for dance without screaming at her! 🙂
Hearing: the hum of the heater and dishwasher running


Feel free to cut and paste and share your own taking stock list. I got this list from Meet Me at Mikes

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