gratitude chalkboard

If you’ve followed along this blog at all, then you’ve probably heard me whine about my kitchen. It’s a horrible 1980’s melamine white kitchen with a lovely oak trim (aka dirt catcher). I’ve had no issue at all drilling holes in these cabinets, removing doors (most of them have fallen off on their own) and recently I decided to add a little paint to them.

Gratitude board in the kitchen
One of the corkboards.


On either side of these tall cabinets the previous owners had hung up these long cork boards. They’ve been our go-to place for displaying art and other papers and I recently had the idea of taking down one of the corkboards and making a giant chalkboard.

Gratitude board in the kitchen
our new gratitude chalkboard


One thing I talk about all the time is finding ways to “be thankful”, “be grateful” etc and yet we never really act on that. So this year I decided I was going to take action.

Gratitude board in the kitchen

I took down the corkboard, primed the cabinet and then painted the whole cabinet with 3 coats of chalkboard paint. I bought some chalk markers from the craft store and did a little pinterest “shopping” for ideas of sayings and verses.

I didn’t tell my kids what the board was for until they finally saw me drawing on it today and it was funny how excited they were to add their own first things to be thankful for.

Gratitude board in the kitchen

Here’s hoping that enthusiasm stays around all year and on and on.

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