on goals and making lists

So for the past few weeks my instagram feed, feedly feed, facebook feed – basically everywhere – has been filled with people’s goals and lists. To be honest, I’m a list person. I love to make them. I love to get a new calendar and fill in all the yearly information. It totally makes me happy. Until 2015 hit. I swear I feel 500 steps behind already and it’s all because I’m comparing my lack of a list of goals to those around me. I did set forth my one goal that this was my year of not comparing – and 6 days in and I’ve already fallen for it!

Ultimately, I don’t want to write  long list of goals. I feel like the thing I keep hearing myself say is take it small and step by step. I can tell you what I think my top 5 priorities are this year and I can tell you 100 other things I hope to accomplish, but the idea of writing them down and holding myself accountable to share them with the world and blog about them regularly is driving me crazy. It’s that old beast of comparison stealing my joy.


I do have a couple of books I’m trying to read through and I’m having fun perusing all the blogs of lists and goals (sewmamasew has been doing a great series on Sewing Resolutions) but to be fair to myself and my goal of not giving into comparison…the list of goals and objectives isn’t going to happening over here. I do want to blog more this year and I do want to share what I’m teaching in my sewing classes, learning as I sew more for myself and every other distraction that comes up, but that’s my only intention.

Well – almost. I am turning 40 this year and come April 2nd, I’m hoping to start my 40 while 40 list of things (40 things I would love to do in my 40th year). But it’s a list to inspire me to step out, loosen up and spread my wings a little more.

What about you? Do you have goals and intentions for this year? Do you have one little word? Or do you just go head first into the new year with the expectation that whatever comes will come?

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