year in review {2014 in words}

I read a great post about “new years” and essentially our desire to just wake up on New Year’s Day and think we can just begin anew; that all those things that happened to us in 2014 might just disappear because it’s a New Year. But in reality that doesn’t happen. Everything that happened this past year – the good, bad and ugly – is transforming me and my family more and more into what God desires for us and that wouldn’t happen if we just woke up on Thursday and it was a blank slate. In the midst of everything this year, it’s the words inspired from Ecclesiastes 3 that have really set a focus forward into the new year.

No matter what time it is we learn to adjust to it on the basis of the hope and purpose that God is in it, that everything has a beauty to it by which the Preacher declares that every disquieting and delightful moment under the sun has been fitted by God for his purposes. ~ Z. Eswine from Recovering Eden

The way forward into this New Year isn’t found in rehearsing (insert “planning”), but in remaining faithful to what we do know. I’ve been praying for months that the Lord would help me to stay focused on today – my eyes forward.  I can’t just be eyes forward, but I have to be eyes up. My need to know and solve and prepare for the “what-if’s” is clouding my mind and focus. This cloud I live in is the cloud of the future – keeping my mind too far forward when all I am responsible for is tending what I’ve been given right now.

I desire to move into January 1st with the knowledge of January 1st. Yes, it is a new year and with it brings new opportunities – but so does every day. God is gracious to us that we have the chance to begin anew every day.

And while I intend to keep my mind clear and focused on the here and now, I also want to move out of the idea of comparison. I am promising myself to tend to the needs of that day and not compare my life, my family, my marriage, my children, my art to anything or anyone. I long for my life to be a reflection of the Great One that made me and molds me daily. Not a comparison of everyone else.

So, Happy New Years! Here’s to an eyes forward and up 2015!


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